Niru Group and EZ Diamonds Form a Joint Venture

With the combined resources, technology, and distribution infrastructure, Niru and EZ aim to achieve synergies through economies of scale and greater value creation for their customers.
Niru Group and EZ Diamonds Form a Joint Venture

Niru Group and EZ Diamonds are consolidating their round diamond business to form a joint venture. Both companies are market leaders in the service of calibrated diamonds.

With the evolution of the diamond industry, Niru and EZ are consolidating on their strengths and further building upon the meaningful relationships with their customers. Both the companies have a service model at their core and share similar culture and values. With over 3000 calibrated assortments in round diamonds to service the needs of the customer up to 70 points, Niru and EZ look to dominate the diamond service business arena becoming the vendor of choice for both round and fancy cut diamonds.

EZ’s online portal is a technology-based interface which enables the service business model for customers to order what they need in the timeframe they need accurately. Also in time, they will expand the product offering to include fancy cut diamonds. However, during the transition, both the companies will place their customers at the central focal point of attention and care, as they look to build upon each other’s strengths in offering a better experience with combined consistency, reliability and transparency in their workings. As a result of this joint venture, a part of the EZ team (Sales & Operation) will be moving into Niru’s existing infrastructure in New York, Israel & Hong Kong.

EZ offices in Belgium & Shanghai will continue operating under Niru Group. Independent of the joint venture, Voegeli; Wirz will continue to operate under the local management, in cooperation with EZ Diamonds and no changes in distribution, nor in sourcing are planned.

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