New WDC Board members hold first meeting

Approve suggested reforms in KP and in definition of conflict diamonds
New WDC Board members hold first meeting

At the first meeting of the newly elected board members of the World Diamond Council, the board expressed WDC’s support for the reforms in the Kimberley Process and towards the KP Chair's expanded definition for conflict diamonds. The same was proposed at the World Diamond Council Annual Meeting in Vicenza, Italy, on May 14.

WDC President Eli Izhakoff requested the governments of other KP member countries to also extend their support towards these reforms including “the establishment of a permanent Administrative Support Mechanism, the implementation of a more rigorous peer review system and improved information exchange with international law enforcement agencies." He also mentioned that, "The board affirmed the resolution of the WDC General Assembly in Vicenza that the proposal made by KP Chair Ambassador Gillian Milovanovic, according to which the term conflict diamonds would be amended to cover 'rough diamonds used to finance, or otherwise directly related to, armed conflict or other situations of violence,' is a good basis for moving forward the discussion on an expanded definition. We also hope to see progress in this respect, and call on all KP participants to engage in a constructive discussion so that the issue may be resolved."

The WDC Board meeting was held on July 24, 2012, where Eli Izhakoff greeted the new members of the board - Johan Dippenaar, Stephane Fischler, Lisu Lionel Hadebe, Vinod Hayagriv, Reuven Kaufman, Dilip Mehta, Yair Sahar and Leonid Tolpezhnikov. Andrew Bone and Stephane Fischler were appointed vice presidents.

During the meeting, the Board also approved a proposal by Mr. Izhakoff that a Steering Committee be established, to examine the restructuring of the World Diamond Council with respect to terms of membership, financing and administration, and help enhance the efficiency of the organization. WDC Vice President Andrew Bone was appointed to head the steering committee.

The officers and directors of the World Diamond Council are as follows:

OFFICERS: Eli Izhakoff, President; Avi Paz, First Vice President; Ernest Blom, Vice President; Andrew Bone, Vice President; Stephane Fischler, Vice President; Moti Ganz, Vice President; Shmuel Schnitzer, Vice President; Gaetano Cavalieri, Treasurer & CFO; Udi Sheintal, Secretary General

The DIRECTORS include: Roberto Coin; Johan Dippenaar; Ari Epstein; Lisu Lionel Hadebe; Clive Hopwood; Vinod Hayagriv; Mark Jenkins; Reuven Kaufman; Jean Marc Lieberherr; Dilip Mehta; Vasant Mehta; Willie Roti; Yair Sahar; Leonid Tolpezhnikov; Ronnie VanderLinden.

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