NEW ART CIMA Ltd. Implements Sarine Diamond JourneyTM

Japan's leading bridal jewellery retailer adopts the Sarine Diamond JourneyTM provenance solution to enhance customer experience
NEW ART CIMA Ltd. Implements Sarine Diamond JourneyTM

Singapore Exchange-listed Sarine Technologies Ltd (U77:SI) is pleased to announce that NEW ART CIMA Ltd. is the first retail chain in Japan to implement the Sarine Diamond JourneyTM solution as a centrepiece of its new customer experience.

The Sarine Diamond JourneyTM solution vividly showcases a diamond's transformation from its rough origin to its polished form. The solution includes a three-dimensional model of the original rough stone that a customer can see and touch, and a digital report that presents the amazing transformation to the final polished gem it has become. The Sarine Diamond JourneyTM enables retailers to differentiate and enhance the emotional diamond jewellery purchase verified by a trusted third party laboratory. Using Sarine's advanced innovative technologies, the Sarine Diamond JourneyTM is the only technologically verified, data based provenance solution in the market that presents the end to end remarkable process, from rough diamond design and manufacturing process to the final polish diamond in a physical as well as a digitally interactive format.

NEW ART CIMA Ltd., the first retailer to adopt the Sarine LightTM grading reports in 2013, has grown to be the leading bridal diamond jewellery retailer in Japan. It is now pioneering the implementation in Japan of the Sarine Diamond JourneyTM solution, which will first be presented in its Exelco Diamond brand stores.

Mr. Tetsuya Shiraishi, Vice President of NEW ART CIMA Ltd., said, "We believe that Sarine’s Diamond Journey reports will provide our customers with an enhanced shopping experience and add value to their purchase.

The physical 3D model of the original stone along with the digital presentation of the diamond designing and manufacturing process will excite our customers and instil confidence in purchasing the diamond of their choice.” Mr. Shiraishi added, "We are happy to expand our strategic relationship with Sarine, a company continuously providing quality solutions for diamond retailing. Together, we can benefit from both innovation and leadership which help differentiate us in today’s competitive market."

David Block, CEO of Sarine, commented, "We are honoured that NEW ART CIMA has chosen our provenance product, and trust that the Sarine Diamond JourneyTM will facilitate further growth and success for NEW ART CIMA, as with the Sarine Light PerformanceTM reports." Mr. Block added, "Each diamond is an exceptional jewel which has its own individual story to tell. We are excited to be able to emphasize the distinction of diamonds by providing the verified story behind each diamond's unique journey, providing wonder and value far beyond the traditional 4C measurements. Sarine's dominance in the diamond market generates the real-time data of more than 55 million diamonds that annually go through Sarine systems. This enables Sarine to create the Efficient Diamond Ecosystem (EDE) which also fulfils the demand for accurate, verifiable information that is required for true traceability."

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