Lightbox launches loose lab-created diamonds for consumers

Lightbox Jewelry, the De Beers-owned lab-created diamond jewellery business, has launched new product category Lightbox Loose Stones, which enables consumers to purchase individual Lightbox white, pink, or blue lab-grown diamonds at its standardised price of $US800 per carat
Lightbox launches loose lab-created diamonds for consumers

The innovative lab-grown diamond jewelry company announced the launch of Lightbox Loose Stones, a new purchase format that gives consumers the ability to buy individual high-quality Lightbox lab-grown diamonds at its industry-leading price of $800 per carat. Offering the ultimate in fashion jewelry customization, Lightbox Loose Stones are available in a range of carat weights and different qualities in the full spectrum of Lightbox colors. T

he Loose lab-grown diamond collection is showcased on the company’s website alongside a selection of one-of-a-kind finished pieces, created for Lightbox by established jewelers who specialize in custom work. The original designs all feature pink, blue or white Lightbox Loose Stones and are intended to inspire visitors with ideas for creating their own special piece.

“From the beginning, we have had enquiries from consumers who see our lab-grown diamonds – with their unbeatable price, great quality and range of color – as an opportunity to explore their creativity, making something that is unique to them,” said Lightbox CEO, Steve Coe. “We are thrilled to launch this exciting new concept that offers a simple and accessible way to create fun and affordable, custom-designed lab-grown diamond fashion jewelry using our colorful array of stones. Lightbox Loose will open up a world of possibilities for a broad range of consumers to experiment with customization, personalization and creative design.”

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