Leveraging its Growing Digital Presence, JB And Brothers has Introduced Three New Services

Forever pushing the envelope when it comes to servicing their clients, JB And Brothers has launched three new features to their repertoire of services
Leveraging its Growing Digital Presence, JB And Brothers has Introduced Three New Services

With an aim to simplify the diamond purchasing process, the polished diamond giant has introduced these services so that clients all over the world can view, select and purchase the goods of their choice with enhanced ease. Diamond tracing and origin has gained momentum in recent times and JB And Brothers leaves no stone unturned in allowing its clients to retrace their diamond’s journey from mine to polish.

Known as Dream Diamond, this service helps you know the value of your diamond starting from the process of mining to rough stage then from rough stage to rough planning and then to polished diamond. After that the diamond gets certified and then, it fits into the jewellery. Clients can rest assured that any piece of diamond purchased is 100% authentic. The second service launched is 3D diamond View which provides the viewer the satisfaction of physically viewing the stone by showing you all possible inclusions for example knot, crystal, feather, needle or pinpoint etc. So even without referring to the diamond’s certificate, the client will be able know exactly where the inclusions are and what type of inclusions does it have, which makes buying diamonds online easy, enjoyable and realistic.

Finally, the company announced the introduction of Live Chatbot, a revolutionary AI Assistant to solve all queries at any place and anytime. What’s more is that you will get instant answers to all of your queries. You can also buy stones directly by simply sending a text using the chatbot service. This alternative method of communication guarantees 24/7 service to all clients.

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