Leibish & Co., Kunming Trading Co. are big winners of the Argyle Pink Diamond Tender 2015

Leibish & Co. and Kunming Trading Co secured 26 remarkable Argyle Pink Tender diamonds
Leibish presents  diamonds from the 2015 Argyle Tender
Leibish presents diamonds from the 2015 Argyle Tender

It’s definitely a win these two companies are going to cherish for years.  In a strategic partnership between Leibish & Co. and Kunming Trading Co., 26 remarkable Argyle Pink Tender diamonds were secured. In addition, there were also 4 won from the Once in a Blue Moon Tender. Bids for the 2015 Argyle Tender were closed at the end of the business day, Thursday October 21. It was early the next morning that Shmulik received the call congratulating him on the impressive win.

 As Polnauer says, “You need to fully understand the market prices and the value these stones possess. You have only a short time to assess each of the stones and all the pressure of competing against all the top diamond buyers that exist. Dealing with fancy color diamonds day in and day out, I know the trends, what's hot and what people are after. I bid on behalf of some of our best clients, and also because I know how many others would kill to own just one of these magical stones.”

However, when Polnauer was asked how he managed to win such a large percentage of the Tender diamonds, he said "to put it simply, I have to bid very high prices. The tricky part is understanding the stone's potential. You see, the highest bid wins, so I need to adequately assess the market and not bid too high, in order to ensure my customers the confidence that they are buying the goods at an excellent price that will enable them to reap the benefits down the line."

Ajay Jakhotia ,  Kunming Trading Company, was also elated at the impressive win. He elaborated further, "We are delighted with the results from the 2015 Tender collection. Achieving 40% of the Tender felt like a milestone, and were extremely thrilled with our wins. Argyle pink diamonds provide such intrinsic value of an investment, regardless of their size, it will continue to be the world’s best-kept secret."

It may be recalled that Argyle Tender diamonds are sought after by the most avid diamond collectors and recognized for their incredible investment potential. With the heavy increase in prices paid and an appreciation in value of over 500% over the years, these valuable stones have been called the most concentrated form of wealth on earth. Josephine Johnson, Manager at Argyle Pink Diamonds, said "Tender diamonds are considered one in a million, as for every one million carats of rough diamonds, only one carat of polished is offered for sale at the tender."

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