Leading Diamond Industry Organizations Back Standard-Setting “Diamond Terminology Guideline”

The Diamond Terminology Guideline is intended to set the universal standard for communicating about diamonds and their laboratory-grown counterparts.
Leading Diamond Industry Organizations Back Standard-Setting “Diamond Terminology Guideline”

Nine of the leading diamond and jewellery industry organizations (AWDC, CIBJO, DPA, GJEPC, IDI, IDMA, USJC, WDC and WFDB) have released a jointly-developed Diamond Terminology Guideline to encourage all industry bodies, organizations, traders and retailers to fully, fairly and effectively use clear and accessible terminology for diamonds and synthetic diamonds.

While not legally binding, the Diamond Terminology Guideline is designed to serve as the reference document when referring to or describing diamonds, synthetic diamonds and imitations of diamonds. It is built on two internationally accepted standards: the ISO 18323 Standard ("Jewellery - Consumer confidence in the diamond industry") and the CIBJO Diamond Blue Book.

“It is our duty to develop a clear and unambiguous nomenclature to the benefit of the consumers”, said AWDC President Stephane Fischler. “Consumers must have access to clear information. If we are to preserve the integrity, value and legacy of diamonds and our industry, it is imperative that we safeguard consumer confidence in our beautiful product. The Diamond Terminology Guideline is a significant step in this direction.”

“Language is extremely powerful in shaping perception”, Fischler said. “The enchanting brilliance of a diamond remains at the core of our promise but depends on fair and ethical practices and information. By standardizing the terminology used to differentiate diamonds and synthetic products, the Diamond Terminology Guideline will help eliminate any confusion among consumers.”

“In backing this Guideline”, Fischler adds, “The nine participating organizations recognize the importance of presenting a clear, coherent and consistent definition of the distinctiveness of a diamond. We encourage immediate implementation of this terminology throughout the diamond and jewelry trade. I would like to thank CIBJO for having taken the lead on this important milestone.”


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