Kiran Gems to launch The Diamond Layout Program at IIJS 09

The programme unveils its forte in jewellery design and manufacturing
Kiran Gems to launch The Diamond Layout Program at IIJS 09

Kiran Gems Pvt.Ltd., a global diamond and jewellery manufacturing company headquartered in India, is preparing to unveil its initiative - “THE DIAMOND LAYOUT PROGRAM”, at the IIJS Show 2009. The programme highlights the company’s design forte in creating designs suitable to the ethnic taste of India and Middle East, and its strength in manufacturing fancy and brilliant shapes of natural white diamonds.

Through the programme, the company will launch 1000 designs at the show, and ready-to-set cut and polished diamonds in various shapes and sizes. The designs will mostly feature ready diamond layouts consisting of Marquise, Pears, Emeralds, Hearts ovals, Princess and Round shaped diamonds, and in various ensembles of necklaces, bangles, bracelets and chandelier earrings; packaged with ethical pricings.

The scale of this programme in terms of inventory ( approx. USD $ 5.5 Million in Diamond Layouts) and design value is the first ever to be showcased at any Indian Jewellery shows held in the country till date. It targets the B2B segment including established retailers, jewellery manufacturers, wholesalers and free lancing designers. The plethora of inventory, will help reduce lead time for sourcing diamonds, as such the company intends to eliminate diamond sourcing limitations of fine jewellery creators, in the long term.

The company has also redesigned its global print and advertising campaign, which narrates its stance as the “The World Leader in White Diamonds under 50 Pointers in Fancy Shapes and Brilliant Cut Natural Diamonds”. The new campaign continues with the original mascot of a galloping horse designed with diamonds, illustrating the endless possibilities of designing jewellery using cut and polished diamonds. The new campaign is being broadcasted across major trade events and trade magazines world-wide.

Kiran Gems, established in 1985 as a diamond manufacturing company is today known as“The World Leader” in manufacturing and distribution of white diamonds under 50 pointers. It is a DTC Sightholder company and has received numerous awards from the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council in India, including First Place Performer in Cut & Polished Diamonds (DTC Category) - 2008 and The Highest Importer of Cut & Polished Diamonds in Belgium 2008.

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