Israel publishes list of top 30 exporters

Rosy Blue Sales takes the top 10th stance
Israel publishes list of top 30 exporters

The Israel Diamond Industry’s recap into 2007, seemed encouraging as noted in the annual list of top exporters. The Israel Diamond Controller’s Office in the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor recently published the annual list of the 30 largest exporters in polished diamonds, in Israel. The first name that appears is that of L.L.D. Diamonds Ltd., which is owned by Lev Leviev. It generated a total value of exports worth $522 million. Following in serial order – 2)Leo Schachter Ltd. generating $446 million in exports, 3) Moshe Namdar and Co. with $199 million, 4) Espeka Diamonds International Ltd. with $194 million, 5)- A.Dalumi Diamonds Ltd. with $170 million, 6)-Yerushalmi Brothers Ltd. with $161 million, 7)- A.A. Rachminov Ltd. with $128 million, 8)-M.I.D. House of Diamonds Ltd., at $122 million, 9) Poligem Ltd. with $94 million, and 10- Rosy Blue Sales Ltd. with $93 million. Moti Ganz, Chairman of the Israel Diamond Institute (IDI) and President of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association, said that the large diamond exporters have made an important contribution to the Israeli Diamond Industry, as well as to Israel’s economy. He noted, however, that the strength of Israel’s diamond industry rests on the valuable contribution of all industry members – manufacturers, exporters and traders.

According to Shmuel Mordechai, The Manager of the Diamonds, Precious Stones and Jewelry Administration in the Ministry of Industry Trade and Labor, Israel’s total net polished diamonds’ exports touched $7.075 billion in 2007. The top 30 companies contributed to 44% of this value amounting to $3.160 billion. The total export of the leading 15 companies valued at $739 million, which constituted 10.4% of the total net exports. The list of 30 companies did not include these 15 companies according to Mordechai as the companies did not want to disclose their export data.

IDI Managing Director Eli Avidar said, "The Israel Diamond Institute applauds all of the industry's exporters, large and small. We are dedicated to serving the entire industry, investing major efforts in developing new markets -- such as China and India -- and expanding existing ones."

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