Israel launched its new trading system - GET-DIAMONDS

The system was launched in the IDE's trading hall
Israel launched its new trading system - GET-DIAMONDS

Israel launched its new trading system - GET-DIAMONDS – meant for the Israeli diamond sector. The system was launched in the IDE's trading hall in the presence of IDE President Yoram Dvash , Israel Diamond Institute Chairman Shmuel Shnitzer and many IDE members.

IDE President Yoram Dvash, who also serves as Chairman of the IDE's Commerce Portal Committee said, "Today we are launching the GET-DIAMONDS initiative, which is unique to the Israeli diamond industry. This trading system brings together all Israeli diamonds in one place. The success of the project depends on us, and whether we all work and use it.”

He also said that, "We, for our part, are initiating the project and will promote it but you need to back up us and use the system so that there is a significant number of diamonds, over 100,000. Anyone looking for diamonds, will know that on GET-DIAMONDS he will find not just a diamond, but an Israeli diamond."

Dvash spoke about the advantages of the new system, including uploading diamond stocks for free. "It is important that you know that GET-DIAMONDS was not built only for large companies. It is designed for small companies, too, and is free of charge. You can upload diamond inventories for free. Companies interested in doing so can receive a free inventory management program which is for anyone who can't afford to deal with inventory management costs. There are four companies today, check out the types of systems and get to work."

Dvash noted that ‘GET-DIAMONDS was established by the professional staff of Israel Diamond Institute under the leadership of vice president for information systems, Orna Chait, and this is an opportunity to thank her, as well as Israel Diamond Exchange staff.’

Honorary President of the Israeli Diamond Exchange and Chairman of the IDI, Shmuel Schnitzer, said: "Today the site is launched in Israel only. As more diamond firms work with it, we will be more significant on the Internet. Today the Internet has great potential. In GET-DIAMONDS, every diamantaires has his own page where he can display his company, he is able to upload stock automatically or manually and there are many other features. This is a showcase for the industry."

IDE CEO Eli Avidar described the system's features. "You can find diamonds, with or without images, and with or without certificates. Inventory is updated automatically, but you can also upload stocks manually. You can also see requests, use the companies' index, and find a list of retailers.

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