Irasva Fine Jewellery is now IGI certified

The contemporary jewellery brand has joined hands with the industry leader for certifying their jewellery to cater to their evolving customer that is seeking trust and credibility
Tehmasp Printer, President and Managing Director, IGI
Tehmasp Printer, President and Managing Director, IGI

Irasva Fine Jewellery, one among India's top precious jewelry brands has started certifying their creations with the International Gemological Institute- IGI.  In a short span, Irasva has become successful at carving a niche for itself in the Indian jewelry market, thanks to their exceptional team of designers, craftsmen and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. IGI has been spearheading the cause of spreading awareness among customers across the globe about diamond and fine jewelry grading practices and certification. With Irasva becoming an IGI certified brand, customers will now witness the strength of design combined with confidence. 

"IGI is an industry leader and the foremost diamond grading authority in the world. We take our customer's trust very seriously and hence have faith in IGI's stringent evaluation processes that give authentic and exact grading to our pieces. They are the oldest in the business and very collaborative in nature. We're very happy to partner with them and look forward to the value addition they bring to Irasva." - Ketan Patel, CEO, Irasva. 

"An informed customer is an empowered buyer. With an increasing number of buyers becoming aware of the importance of certification, we are happy to collaborate with Irasva that caters to an inquisitive and responsible generation. We look forward to working with Irasva and wish them the very best," said Tehmasp Printer, President and Managing Director, IGI.

Design strength and understanding consumer preferences and trends is at the heart of Irasva and is what makes their jewelry stand out. IGI's precision grading and certification adds to its merit, instilling a sense of confidence among consumers. The certifying body intends to fulfil its promise of accurate certification practices to diamond and fine jewelry lovers for them to make purchases with peace of mind.

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