IGI successfully grades over 200 diamonds at the IGJS Dubai

The show, co-sponsored by IGI witnessed an impressive turnout of international sellers and buyers
(L-R) Tehmasp Printer, MD, IGI, India, Avi Levy, President, IGI, North America  & Roland Lorie, CEO IGI Worldwide
(L-R) Tehmasp Printer, MD, IGI, India, Avi Levy, President, IGI, North America & Roland Lorie, CEO IGI Worldwide

The International Gem and Jewellery Show, 2021 began with a stellar collection of jewelry and stones in Dubai. The show, co-sponsored by the International Gemological Institute – IGI, began on October 11 and successfully ended on October 13, 2021. The international grading authority introduced its on-site facility for visitors at the show, where IGI’s advanced technology helped in faster grading for quick business.   

IGI’s stellar team of experts from across the world showcased exemplary grading expertise by certifying over 200 diamonds at the event. With jewelry certification gaining importance over the past decade among the new generation consumers, IGI’s certification has clearly set the benchmark for confidence in diamond and colored stone impressions worldwide. The show had notable names from the global gem and jewelry fraternity attending it.   

“We are extremely happy to have become the first ever international grading and certifying laboratory to have facilitated an on-site grading set up at the IGJS, 2021. Our team has been able to assist clients from across the globe at validating their merchandize as per international grading standards,” said Tehmasp Printer, Managing Director- IGI.   

The show was attended by Roland Lorie, CEO IGI Worldwide and Avi Levy from IGI New York.   

Roland added “It was a great initiative to organize the IGJS show in Dubai and a fantastic opportunity to meet participants from across the globe after such a long time. At IGI, we had representatives of India, Dubai, Belgium, Israel and USA and we were truly delighted to witness the coming together of fellow industry members to conduct business.  A true sign of great revival.”  

The educational wing of IGI also fascinated the participants who tried to delve deeper into the many aspects of gemology. An educated and informed buyer is an empowered one- this belief is at the core of IGI and with its extensive research and development programs, IGI intends to become the ultimate catalyst of change for the gem and jewelry fraternity worldwide.  

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