IGI Hong Kong certifies a 10.02 carat HPHT-grown colorless diamond

The diamond is created by New Diamond Technology
IGI Hong Kong certifies a 10.02 carat HPHT-grown colorless diamond

IGI Hong Kong announced having certified a 10.02 carat Square Emerald Cut diamond which it believes is the world’s largest HPHT-grown colorless diamond. The stone was derived from a record-breaking, 32.26 carat piece of man-made rough, grown by St. Petersburg-headquartered New Diamond Technology LLC, in less than 300 hours.

New Diamond Technology (NDT) is a leading pioneer in growing diamonds by High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) technologies.

IGI has given its certification to the Type IIa stone as VS1 clarity, E color, with a Very Good-Excellent finish grade. Two months ago, IGI certified a 5 carat Radiant Brilliant and 4 carat Cushion Brilliant at its Hong Kong laboratory – grown by the same company – which were then believed to be the largest man-made diamonds in existence. However, the ever-increasing speed of scientific evolution proved differently.

Marc Brauner, co-CEO IGI Worldwide, elaborated that the latest 10 carat stone is unique in all aspects, and that the science and technology behind the processes synthesizing this stone are significantly more advanced than other man-made diamonds currently on the market. The stone’s large size, in combination with the very high color and breathtaking brilliance, will ensure it a prominent place among the pioneers in the diamond industry.

Mr. Tamazi Khikhinashvili, President of New Diamond Technology, stated that the company intends to unveil the diamond during JCK Las Vegas 2015, at their booth (N⁰ B2408).

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