IGI Founder Dies

Marcel Lorie died at the age of 80 in Antwerp
IGI Founder Dies

Marcel Lori�, founder of the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and chairman since the Institutes inception in 1975 passed away in Belgium at the age of 80 on February17, 2006. His funeral service was scheduled for 11 a.m. Sunday, February 18, 2006, on Jacob
Jacobstraat, Antwerp.

�He had founded IGI at the age of 50 and was extremely proud to see the company he started with a staff of three evolve into one of the worlds foremost authorities on certifying and valuating diamonds and fine gemstones,� said his son Roland. "When my father started the IGI, the majority of the diamond community did not even know what certificates were and only stones over 2.00 carats were certified. Most people did not think a lab in Antwerp would work. He was ahead of his time," Ronald added.

Lori� is survived by his beloved wife, Mignon Lori�; his son, and a daughter, Carole Lori�-Low; and eight grandchildren, ranging in age from 4 to 20 years of age. Marcel and his wife celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary February 16, 2006.

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