Hari Krishna Exports commissions IIDGR’s Automated Melle Screening machine

The machine screens 500 carats of diamonds per screening event
Hari Krishna Exports commissions IIDGR’s Automated Melle Screening machine

Leading diamond manufacturing and export entity Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. has commissioned the IIDGR’s Automated Melle Screening (AMS) Machine at its head office in BKC, Mumbai.

The AMS Machine allows screening 500 carats of colorless and near colorless diamonds ranging from 1 pointer to 20 pointers in various pre-selected size categories per screening event, to determine whether they are natural or not. It is considered the most advanced machine with latest technology in CVD screening, today. The machine operation is hassle free, while its automated technology does away with the need of someone to sit through the whole process of screening, giving the advantage of screening done even at night hours when the process is unattended.

Hari Krishna Exports believes this addition enhances the trust quotient with its customers and underscores its stance to be ahead in adopting new technology for the same. AMS would allow the company to handle CVD screening of goods in volume, and to take good control of the goods moving in and out through the day for business.

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