HRD Antwerp and Verichannel, LLC join hands

Launch direct feed of diamond data
HRD Antwerp and Verichannel, LLC join hands

A collaboration between HRD Antwerp and Verichannel, LLC,was formalized and has culminated into creation of a direct feed of diamond grading data from the HRD lab's computers to Verichannel's online trading platform. The data is based on pre-authorization as set by the Lab's clients. The data is uploaded within minutes from the stones being graded.

Verichannel's patent-pending technology provides a unique means for the owners of the stones to control precisely and automatically which diamonds appear on the Verichannel platform, so that for example stones which are pre-committed to other buyers, or fall inside or outside certain grading parameters, or for other reasons, are kept private. These parameters and flags are essentially 'pre-set.' Based on the results of the grading, and the pre-set instructions, the stones automatically appear in Verichannel, or are kept private, with no need for manual intervention by the stones' owners on a diamond-by-diamond basis.

"HRD Antwerp grades according to the IDC rules, a guarantee for transparency," said Georges Brys, General Manager of HRD Antwerp. "Verichannel's Lab-Direct™ technology makes it possible for owners of HRD-graded stones to reach the largest possible market, in the quickest amount of time, and with the maximum of convenience and control."

"Verichannel is open-access," explained CEO Jacques Voorhees, "meaning everyone in the jewelry industry world-wide can access thedata at any time at no cost. Anyone in the trade looking for a source of fresh diamonds, or difficult-to-find stones now has an additional resource to help in the process." Verichannel's daily e-newsletter, Daily Diamond Report, provides a list of the participating diamonds coming out of the lab every day, and can be subscribed to at

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