Google Glass, A Novel Way To Sell Jewellery

Ron Khordi, founder of New York-based Diamond Concierge Service, man behind the innovative way to sell jewellery.
Google Glass, A Novel Way To Sell Jewellery
Wearable technology is the new buzzword and the diamond industry is always on a look out for a new technology that can make their selling hassle free. To aid in this, Ron Khordi, founder of New York-based Diamond Concierge Service (DCS), is promoting the new Google Glass wearable technology as an innovative way to sell jewellery, says a news report.

Google glass is a hands-free, voice-operated computer that can be worn as a pair of glasses and performs various functions including phone calls and sending SMS, providing navigation advice, playing music, and sharing photos and videos through social media, adds the report.

And now, the diamond sourcing business has shown how Google Glass could be used by jewellery stores to engage with diamond suppliers and consumers. Also, it could assist in fighting back against online competitors, claims the news report. However, the technology is still under development.

As commented by Khordi to a news report, he has integrated the technology’s video capabilities into his business which identifies, verifies and sources diamonds for jewellery retailers with the aim of selling diamonds and jewellery via a mobile-to-mobile platform. By having its salespeople wear Google Glass while visiting a diamond supplier, DCS customers are able to view a live, streaming video feed on their mobile device. The video feed shows the diamond from the staff members perspective a diamond loupe is clipped onto the Google Glass frame, enabling 10x magnification, says a report.

The technology provides for the customers to physically see what they are purchasing through video chat facility which is new for the clients. It also further allows clients to reject diamonds they do not like, without the hassle of return and by rejecting the initial search results, adds the report.

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