Gemological Science International Provides Training Course for Fred Meyer Jewelers

Gemological Science International Provides Training Course for Fred Meyer Jewelers

The two-day Diamond Essentials Course was held at the GSI training facilities in New York City, and offered Fred Meyer Jewelers executives and associates valuable insight on new developments in diamond treatments, lab-grown diamonds, and simulants

The training program included a refresher course on the basics of diamonds, such as grading and identification. The Fred Meyer Jewelers’ executives and associates had an opportunity to examine color and clarity treated stones, HTHP
& CVD lab grown diamonds, simulants, and more. Two sections of the Diamond Essentials Course were devoted to lab-grown diamonds, where the Fred Meyer Jewelers team learned about disclosed and certified lab-grown as well as the detection of undisclosed lab-grown diamonds in jewelry.

GSI offers the Diamond Essentials Course to provide busy executives and their teams an opportunity to learn new information and interact with gemological experts in the field. The Diamond Essentials Course is offered to top management of retail chains worldwide. “Gemological Science International understands our retail needs and created a course tailored to our team, providing a helpful review of the basics of diamonds, industry changes, and the latest technological developments that impact us as a retailer.” said Peter Engel, president of Fred Meyer Jewelers. GSI’s course leaders and experts led the Fred Meyer Jewelers team in hands-on training, where the retail team experienced the procedures to evaluate both earth-mined and laboratory-grown diamonds and diamond jewelry. The Fred Meyer Jewelers team also had a chance to evaluate color treated and clarity- enhanced diamonds and were given an explanation of the different process, equipment, and procedures GSI’s experts use to identify and detect treatments, simulants and laboratory-grown diamonds.

“Our training programs are designed to help our retail partners stay updated on new processes and to help them navigate the changes that the industry faces so they may better serve their customers.” As a global leader and one of the largest gemological entities with labs spanning four continents, GSI’s courses are attended by retailers from around the world. GSI is a trusted partner for gemstone identification, grading, origin testing, light analysis, and appraisal services for the fine jewelry industry, and quickly becoming a go-to resource by retailers for training.

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