GemGenève's Phenomenal 6th Edition Surpasses Expectations

A total of 4,320 visitors flocked to Palexpo to explore the exceptional gemstones and new releases showcased at GemGenève
GemGenève's Phenomenal 6th Edition Surpasses Expectations

The sixth edition of GemGenève, the tradeshow designed for jewelry professionals and enthusiasts and open to the public, concluded on Sunday evening. A total of 4,320 visitors flocked to Palexpo to explore the exceptional gemstones and new releases showcased at GemGenève. While exhibitors focused on forging new business connections throughout the four-day event, the general public enjoyed a unique opportunity to delve into the diverse facets of the jewelry world, catering to both first-time buyers and seasoned collectors. GemGenève serves as a platform to exhibit a curated selection of precious gemstones, an abundant trove of treasures, and an exceptional cultural experience. Among the visitors, 1,400 attendees revisited the tradeshow, resulting in a total of 6,487 visits—an increase of over one thousand compared to the November 2022 edition (5,205). These figures are particularly promising, considering the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

The exhibitors enjoyed a favorable environment for conducting business, engaging in discussions, and networking with connoisseurs and amateur enthusiasts. Ronny Totah, the organizer and co-founder of the event, expressed his pride in GemGenève becoming an established part of Geneva's cultural landscape and the international scene. During the inauguration evening, GemGenève Director Mathieu Dekeukelaire highlighted the team's commitment to the event, which stands as a unique and continuously improving gathering. GemGenève fosters numerous cultural projects, forming close connections with museums, art and jewelry schools, and international designers selected by Vivienne Becker and emerging talents spotted by Nadège Totah.

This positioning aims to create new vocations and build bridges across generations, exhibitors, dealers, creators, museums, and students, as emphasized by Mathieu Dekeukelaire. Ronny Totah expressed his delight with the edition's success, surpassing expectations in terms of visitors and visits, particularly noting the demand for high-quality precious stones. By the end of the event, exhibitors were tired but satisfied with fruitful business deals. Co-founder Thomas Faerber acknowledged the healthy market conditions, driven by inflation in many regions and the allure of high-quality pieces as safe investments. However, the market for non-set stones currently faces less attractiveness, and exhibitors hope for a recovery in this sector at the next international precious stone tradeshow. The sixth edition of the Geneva International Gem & Jewellery Show attracted visitors from 85 countries, with Switzerland, France, Italy, the UK, Belgium, and the USA being the most represented countries in terms of visitor numbers.

GemGenève serves as a distinctive platform exclusively dedicated to colored gemstones, exceptional diamonds, pearls, antique and contemporary jewelry pieces, renowned designers, and emerging talents. With each successive edition, the event's reputation for quality has continued to grow, attracting a rising number of exhibitors, buyers, and international media attention. It has become a must-attend biannual event that finds a prominent place in editorial diaries worldwide.

From international retailers and leading jewelry houses to collectors and private buyers, purchasers from diverse backgrounds displayed a keen interest in acquiring new pieces and closing lucrative business deals. The event also featured the captivating 'Designers' Village,' bringing together five avant-garde jewelry creators in collaboration with the Designer Vivarium curated by jewelry historian Vivienne Becker. Additionally, eleven talented designers, including six 'Emerging Talents' and five 'New Designers,' were carefully nurtured under the guidance of Nadège Totah.




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