GIA India organised a GemKids Programme in Surat

V. N. Godhani English School students got introduced to the fascinating world of gemmology
                                                                                                                                       Students of V. N. Godhani English School with the GIA GemKids Workbook
Students of V. N. Godhani English School with the GIA GemKids Workbook

To ignite the love and passion of gemstones, GIA India organised the GemKids programme for the students of V. N. Godhani English School in Surat. More than 70 students from fifth to ninth grade attended the programme to learn about the fascinating world of gemstones.

 GIA India Instructor Vijay Parmar shared insights and facts on a variety of gems. The programme offered students an opportunity to learn about gemmology through hands-on activities using natural minerals and gemstones. Students explored how gems are formed in nature, the different methods used to mine them, how civilizations valued gems throughout history and more.

 Divya Ben Gajjar, Principal of the V. N. Godhani English School, said, “Like diamonds, our lives and careers are equally important and precious to us. This is a great initiative and we are grateful to GIA India for conducting GemKids programme for our students. We are highly motivated and appreciate GIA India and their team’s effort for encouraging and guiding our students towards a new journey.”

Nirupa Bhatt, Managing Director of GIA India and Middle East, said, “Kids learn from what they see and observe. GIA India believes the GemKids programme is a great step towards igniting a passion in children to learn gemmology. We were thrilled to see a great response from the students and grateful to V. N. Godhani English School for their support.”

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