GIA Expands Gem Origin Services with GIA Source Verify™

The new service will offer verified diamond origin information to protect consumers
GIA Expands Gem Origin Services with GIA Source Verify™

The Gemological Institute of America is expanding its gem origin services to provide retailers and consumers with the diamond source information they demand. To address this need for real-time, unbiased diamond source information, GIA is expediting the development and deployment of GIA Source Verify™, a new service offering reliable diamond origin information to consumers, enabling them to make informed purchase decisions. The new service, still in development, will verify the country where natural diamonds were mined and laboratory-grown diamonds produced by leveraging existing processes based on third-party verified documents, including Kimberley Process certificates and invoices provided by diamond manufacturers and others in the supply chain. GIA will offer the service at no additional cost and the source information will be easily accessed exclusively through GIA’s online Report Check service.

Susan Jacques, President & CEO, GIA says, “The Source Verify service is an extension of our important consumer-protection mission. Now more than ever, GIA is uniquely positioned to protect consumers by giving them the vital diamond source information they demand and the confidence they deserve when making purchase decisions. This is the right thing to do and the right time to do it.”

Katherine Bodoh, CEO of the American Gem Society said, “GIA's new service provides a transparent diamond origin solution from an organization that consumers know and trust. In today’s environment, communicating a diamond’s origin is a must for AGS members and all retailers.”

GIA will continue to offer its Diamond Origin Report and colored stone origin reports. GIA anticipates launching the service in the near future. More information will be available as details of the service are finalized.

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