Dilip Lakhi donates 40kg gold to Somnath temple

His total contribution of the yellow metal to his total contribution of the yellow metal to that shrine now stands at 109 kg.
Dilip Lakhi donates 40kg gold to Somnath temple

A leading diamond merchant from Mumbai, Dilip Lakhi, has donated around 40kg of gold worth Rs. 12 crore to the Somnath temple in Gujarat, says reports.

Lakhi has done so on previous occasions as well, and his total contribution of the yellow metal to the temple now stands at 109 kg. Pravinbhai Laheri, secretary of the Somnath temple trust, said the gold has been used to beautify various parts of the Shiva temple.

The report further states that Lakhi, a well-known businessmen is known to make all donations by cheque - not a single paisa in cash - and monitors the use of funds. "I run the Lakhi Trust and I set aside funds from my business as well. Ten years ago, I presented 54kg gold to Badrinath temple. From time to time, I have served Somnath Mandir."

His family, led by his father, had offered a 30kg gold platter worth Rs. 11 crore to the shrine on December 28, 2012. In 2014, he gave 51kg of gold worth Rs 14 crore. Lakhi has given a gold trishul, paat and damru to Lord Shiva as well.

Lakhi champions the RSS-led Ekal Vidyalaya (one teacher schools) programme which provides education in mofussil areas. "I love to help tribal schools because we must integrate them into the mainstream of society. In fact, I also met PM Narendra Modi in New Delhi recently and offered my services to the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojana, village beautification and anywhere else we are required,” adds the report. His charity activities span a vast spectrum. Lakhi belongs to the Shikarpuri Sindhi community and openly says that wealthy Sindhis need to contribute more.

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