Diamond Producers Association continues its industry initiatives by bringing to the fore the ‘Diamond Journey’

The new campaign from the DPA’s Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond platform tells the epic journey of a natural diamond, 3 billion years in the making
Diamond Producers Association continues its industry initiatives by bringing to the fore the ‘Diamond Journey’

Diamond Producers Association unveiled ‘The Diamond Journey’ campaign to educate the consumers about the story of the formidable journey that a diamond goes through across millennia. This campaign, under the banner of ‘Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond’ is an exceptional, cinematic telling of the natural diamond story right from genesis to finished jewelry, highlighting the remarkable journey of a diamond across time and space. In addition to themes of love and romance, the heirloom quality of diamonds is expressed throughout the film, powerfully tying diamonds to our most intimate moments and life events.  

Bearing in mind the fact that many consumers are not familiar with the extraordinary story of natural diamonds, DPA, at a global level spread awareness about the diamond’s journey since creation. The anthem has been Indianized to resonate better with the local audience.

Richa Singh, Managing Director - India, Diamond Producers Association said, “We are excited about our campaign as it is the first film showcasing the heirloom value and emotional relevance of diamonds across ages. The inherent value they possess, along with their three billion-year-old history makes them true marvels of nature and the oldest treasures most of us will ever hold. Through this film, we want to inform consumers about the fascinating journey of natural diamonds. We hope that this film will be shared far and wide by our trade partners, as we all work together to build consumer confidence in natural diamonds, and rejuvenate the industry.”

This campaign narrates the transformation of a beautiful rough diamond from discovery to the ultimate representation of love, commitment and meaningful moments. The robust and fully integrated advertising campaign with a primary target of 25-40-year-olds was launched digitally on December 1 with Conde Nast & Times Of India, as well as a strong social media presence, with emphasis on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. The reach will be amplified with a high impact campaign on leading OTT platforms along with tactics like high-visibility print ads & ample PR support.

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