Diamond Producers Association Rebrands itself as 'Only Natural Diamonds'

The DPA will be called "Natural Diamond Council" and will be armed with a new consumer-facing identity and digital platform
Diamond Producers Association Rebrands itself as 'Only Natural Diamonds'

The world’s leading diamond producers today launched the Natural Diamond Council (NDC), formerly known as the Diamond Producers Association (DPA), in USA and Europe. The NDC will promote the desirability of natural diamonds and support the integrity of the natural diamond jewellery industry. The NDC will also reposition its consumer identity (formerly known as ‘Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond’) under the brand name ‘Only Natural Diamonds’ (OND). As an industry authority, the NDC will continue to invest in advertising globally but will also become the go-to digital publisher for innovative content covering all that’s new and exciting in the industry.

 ‘’The current economic climate creates unprecedented challenges for the luxury industry. But, as the climate improves, natural diamonds will connect stronger than ever before. Consumers will have a greater respect for all things natural and seek brands that have an honest mission to be truly sustainable. They’ll be purchasing luxury goods with a greater meaning, particularly those celebrating connections between friends and loved ones,” said Natural Diamond Council CEO, David Kellie. “We need to speak to the younger audience in a different way and we’re delighted to have brought in a number of partners that will contribute to the new world of natural diamonds we're creating.”

Richa SinghManaging Director, India, said: “Our endeavour is to create the natural diamond dream in India by being both emotionally and culturally relevant. In India each piece of jewellery we buy has strong meaning and emotions attached to it. Through our marketing initiatives we want to reinforce the legacy and heritage of natural diamonds, by inspiring and educating consumers about the wonders of these glorious jewels and the integrity of the diamond industry, and we will achieve this with a digital first strategy’’

In India, the focus is on the consumer platform. The change from the previous campaigns under ‘Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond’ is led by the launch of a consumer-facing website www.onlynaturaldiamonds.in,  and supported by a digital platform for retailers of natural diamond jewellery, www.naturaldiamondcouncil-access.com. The portal offers retailers an opportunity to become natural diamond ambassadors. Once they are confirmed as ambassadors, they will get unlimited, free access to best-in-class marketing assets that can be leveraged in-store and on digital platforms. 

The OND website, which will have a mix of Indian and international content, will also dedicate significant coverage as a trusted educational hub providing all the facts needed when considering buying diamond jewelry. Areas of focus will include access to the sustainability and ethical practices of the producers as well as buying guides, all presented in a dynamic and engaging tone. The website offers insightful coverage under six key pillars connecting the natural diamond world - ‘Epic Diamonds’, ‘Hollywood & Pop Culture’, ‘Love & Diamonds,’ ‘Style & Innovation,’ ‘Diamonds 101’ and ‘Inside the Diamond World.’

“There is no task more important than inspiring consumers with what we call ‘the Diamond Dream,’” said Stephen Lussier, Chairman of the NDC. “Our mission is to educate consumers on the industry and positive social contribution diamonds make to the world today. Our members are committed to these goals and the launch of the NDC marks an exciting step on this path.” 

The NDC launch reflects the collective commitment of its members, ALROSA, De Beers, Dominion Diamonds, Lucara Diamond, Petra Diamonds, Murowa Diamonds and Rio Tinto, to the growth of the industry going beyond the current economic crisis.

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