Diamond City Surat on its Nerves

Almost 18 live bombs diffused in a day
Diamond City Surat on its Nerves

After Bangalore and Ahmedabad, the diamond city of Surat on Sunday came under the terrorists’ scanner. Two cars stuffed with explosives have been found while a live bomb has been diffused.

Cinema halls and shopping malls in Surat and Vadodara were shut down as a precautionary measure. Meanwhile, police seized a car laden with explosives from Punagam on the outskirts of Surat. Later the same evening another car with explosives was located at Heerabh in Surat city.

Ever since the attacks in Ahmedabad, the diamond industry has been maintaining an anxious vigil. There are rumours that the terrorists are out to disrupt the diamond industry. Surat Police commissioner R M S Brar has advised the closure of markets, shops, schools and malls in the Varacha and the diamond production areas.

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