Diamdel to undergo major restructuring

Hindustan Diamond Company to continue as before
Diamdel to undergo major restructuring

De Beers plans to face the challenge of maintaining its position as the world class diamond company with a major restructuring of Diamdel group of companies, and hopes to earn better operational effectiveness and efficiency.

According to the changes announced by De Beers, the Diamdel office in South Africa will close its trading, and De Beers will now provide diamond services to the State Diamond Trader. The Diamdel International office in Israel one in Shanghai are also to shut shop.

Namibia Diamond Trading Company (NDTC) is considering applications for supply from any diamond manufacturing operation in the country, making the Diamdel office in Namibia not needed. Diamdel Israel, Diamdel Antwerp, and Diamdel Hong Kong will continue and will support the non-Sightholder sector. Hindustan Diamond Company in India will also continue as usual, since it was not considered for the restructuring.

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