Diacore buys 204ct Dancing Sun Fancy Yellow Diamond

This biggest polished diamond ever mined in North America was sold recently at Christie's for $4.95 million
Diacore buys 204ct Dancing Sun Fancy Yellow Diamond

Diacore, a company with diversified interests in the diamond industry providing rough and polished diamonds to customers around the world, recently purchased the Dancing Sun at the Christie's auction. The diamond was reported to have purchased for $.495million.

With its remarkable weight of 204.36 carats, the Dancing Sun is also the largest polished diamond mined in North America to date. Mined at the Arctic Canadian Diamond Company Limited, this record breaking fancy intense yellow diamond was a significant milestone for the North American diamond mining industry.

Diacore is known for purchasing some of the most sought after, rarest diamonds in the world including the 203.04 carats De Beers Millennium Star and the magnificent Pink Star – a 59.60 carat flawless fancy vivid pink diamond among others.

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