De Beers to close its US-based DIC and DPS services

Intends promoting 'Forevermark' branded diamond
De Beers to close its US-based DIC and DPS services

De Beers has decided to close operations of its U.S. publicity arm - Diamond Promotion Service (DPS) and its US advertising arm - Diamond Information Center (DIC), and instead wants to now focus its advertising and marketing and trade services on promoting its ‘Forevermark’ branded diamond in the US., reports say. Reports also suggest that the U.S. office for Forevermark has been set up in Connecticut, and would be led by Charles Stanley.

The Diamond Information Center and the Diamond Promotion Service were spearheading in promoting not only the De Beers’ product line but also the generic diamond jewellery market in the US. As such, the retail jewellers, and the supply chain received good support with this advertising effort to drive consumer demand.

The company plans to close down the DPS website by December 31st, 2010, and as such has advised its trade and retail partners to contact the website before the end of the month, incase they need DPS materials for future sales training and marketing needs.

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