DTC Botswana announces 16 sightholders

The sight will be valid for three years
DTC Botswana announces 16 sightholders

Diamond Trading Co. Botswana (DTC Botswana) has announced all 16 companies of the country as the DTC Botswana sightholders. DTC Botswana has approved that all 16 of the country's license holders meet the supply criteria. The sightholder contract is for three years beginning 2008-2011.

The 16 names include: Ascot Diamonds, Dalumi Botswana, DDA of Botswana, Diamond Manufacturing Botswana, Eurostar Botswana, H and A Cutting Works Botswana, Lazare Kaplan Botswana, Leo Schachter Botswana, Moti Ganz Botswana, Pluczenik Diamond Co., Rand Precision Cut Diamonds, Safdico Botswana, Suashish Diamonds Botswana, Teemane Manufacturing Co., Yerushalmi Brothers Diamonds Botswana and Zebra Diamonds (IGC Group).

According to Kago Moshashane, the acting permanent secretary of Botswana's Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources and a director of DTC Botswana, the company will sell $360 million worth of rough diamonds to sightholders in 2008, and this supply is expected to increase to $550 million by 2009. The officials are of the opinion that this solidification of the sightholders will create more than 3,000 jobs in Botswana.

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