DPA collaborates with Lisa Ray this Mother's Day

The Diamond Producers Association, a global alliance of the 8 largest diamond mining companies, associated with actor-author Lisa Ray this Mother’s Day to bring forth the wonderful journey of motherhood and the lessons we can imbibe from Mother Nature
DPA collaborates with Lisa Ray this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a celebration of motherhood, and that can be in various forms. Lisa has penned a letter of appreciation for mother nature, who has inspired her survive the toughest challenges life threw at her, and taught her to emerge stronger no matter what obstacles she faced, just like natural diamonds emerge from the womb of mother earth. We are shaped by our mothers and molded by life experiences, and we pass down this knowledge to our children. Lisa’s attempt through this letter is to share her personal learnings from nature with her children. Along with this she is lending her voice to a poem celebrating the resilience which is common to mothers and to nature who both create diamonds and miracles.

Sharing her thoughts, Richa Singh, Managing Director – India, Diamond Producers Association said, “We are honored to have Lisa Ray supporting us in our endeavour to celebrate the most precious relationship of mother and child. While a mother creates the miracle of life, mother nature creates miraculous diamonds which she nurtures deep within herself. Today we would like to celebrate both these incredible journeys as they bring us joy, hope and teach us about the importance of resilience and inner strength. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to bring this thought to life.”

Lisa Ray, Actress said, “At a very young age, my mother instilled in me a deep love and sense of appreciation for all the creations of Mother Nature. Today, when I am a mother myself, I want to pass on this knowledge and gratitude towards nature’s multiple bounties to my children as well. This has been an extremely rewarding experience, and something that resonated with my personal life. I love the message we are trying to convey, as I get to give back in a small way to Mother Nature and celebrate the miracles she creates, like billion-year old diamonds, by being her voice. This Mother’s Day let’s recognise the art of love, creation and resilience displayed by all Mothers - including Mother Nature - everywhere. We are each singular creations, as unique as natural diamonds, loved and cherished equally.”

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