Charles and Colvard launches site for moissanites

Will deliver facts on the jewel, for consumers and industry
Charles and Colvard launches site for moissanites

Charles and Colvard has initiated to make facts about the moissanite jewel known to the industry and consumers. For this it has launched an interactive Web site,, during the second quarter of 2008. The site delivers information about the profile of the stone, its history, and its uniqueness in comparison to other stones. The site also educates retailers associated with the sale of jewelry set with Charles and Colvard-created moissanite.

Information is divided into links namely, A Unique Jewel: which profiles the jewel, its hardness, durability and stability. The Compare Moissanite link informs on the uniqueness of the jewel in comparison to diamonds, cubic zirconia and other gemstones. A historical perspective informs on the history of silicon carbide and its transformation from its discovery more than 110 years ago into moissanite- as is elucidated in the History link. Creating Moissanite, details the course of turning rough silicon carbide into moissanite jewels, grading and hand-faceting moissanite, and identifying the benefits of the company's certificate of authenticity and limited warranty. Learn more is where the reader would be acquainted with answers to frequently asked questions, a glossary and video answers by world-renowned scientist and gemologist Dr. Kurt Nassau.

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