CIBJO president speaks on CSR

Addresses gathering at 3rd International Gem and Jewellery Conference GIT 2012
CIBJO president speaks on CSR

At the 3rd International Gem and Jewellery Conference GIT 2012 in Bangkok, Thailand, on December 12, 2012, Gaetano Cavalieri - president of CIBJO, was keynote speaker and also delivered the opening address, outlining a comprehensive doctrine for Corporate Social Responsibility in the greater jewellery industry. He emphasised three basic rules of practice, “One, to defend the industry from the various challenges that could threaten our reputation and integrity; two, function as a positive influence, serving as a means for sustainable economic and social development in the communities and countries in which we are active; and, three, to be fully transparent in the way we operate our businesses and about what we sell."

He stated that SCR means being responsible to three main groups: "One, our business community; two, our consumers; and, three, our stakeholders." He identified that the jewellery industry should be aware of ‘its extraordinary status and develop tools and systems of dealing with whatever social challenges and ethical problems that may arise’, one such tool being the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. He also pointed out that “In CIBJO we support all such efforts in principal, but with one important condition, that no such system should create an unfair business advantage, especially if it is restrictively expensive to implement,” since it would “imply that all those who are financially or logistically unable to adopt them are not responsible corporate citizens, at least in comparison to who have the means to implement them.” He said that “Systems that defend the chain of distribution should be inclusive, and not restrictive." Citing that while jewellery is not an essential item but a luxury item its importance cannot be undermined as “On a global scale the number of individuals directly and indirectly employed by the greater jewellery industry runs into millions, and there are entire countries whose economic wellbeing is dependent upon the products we produce and sell," he added. "Jewellery may not be an essential item, but the jewellery business most definitely is, and it is in this context that I would like to consider our position concerning Corporate Social Responsibility."

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