Bonas Group Adopts Sarine Diamond Journey™ Traceability Solution to Provide Diamond Origin

This would facilitate traceability of stones and give a registered geographical origin to retailers
Bonas Group Adopts Sarine Diamond Journey™ Traceability Solution to Provide Diamond Origin

Sarine Technologies announced that the Bonas Group has adopted the Sarine Diamond Journey traceability program and will offer stones with a registered geographical origin. The Bonas Group, representing Blue Rock Diamonds, Braúna, IMDH, KAO, Lucapa Diamond Company, Lucara Diamond, Mountain Province Diamonds and Stornoway Diamonds brings to market direct diamond output from Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa, where provenance registration can be guaranteed at source. Thus, the natural diamond's origin can be confidently assured for value-chain (midstream and downstream) clients and consumers. The rough diamonds will be quickly and accurately scanned, allowing their subsequent traceability throughout the polishing process, providing retailers reliably traced diamonds from varied origins. The diamonds will be registered utilising our Sarine Diamond Journey™ ecosystem.

Philip Hoymans, Managing Director of Bonas-Couzyn (Antwerp) NV of the Bonas Group, said, “Bonas remains committed to supporting and promoting positive, ethical and sustainable standards for the diamond and gemstone industries. We are committed to continually seeking additional value for our customers. Diamond traceability is rapidly becoming a must-have in our industry. We are adopting Sarine's solution, as it perfectly meets our needs —it provides a steadfast data-base solution and is scalable to our volumes of stones, as it only requires us to add a quick scan. Just as important, it integrates seamlessly with our customers’ operations, since they already employ Sarine systems in their cutting and polishing processes, which can now automatically continue the traceability process."

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, commented: “Bonas’ joining the growing Sarine traceability community is of major significance to the entire diamond value chain, allowing retailers to easily source fully-traceable diamonds from many origins. Bonas’ commitment to transparency and its customer-centered approach make it only natural that Bonas empowertheir customers with the most comprehensive and verifiable traceability solution in the market. I am looking forward to additional cooperation with Bonas, leveraging the synergy between Bonas' leading position in rough diamond sales and Sarine’s industry-leading technological solutions to provide big-data solutions to the industry's overall benefit."

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