Blushing Beauty – these chandelier earrings bring the inner beauty of a ruby to full bloom

The Blushing Beauty chandelier earrings are inspired by the fascinating inner world of a Mozambican ruby with 90.2 Gübelin Points
Blushing Beauty – these chandelier earrings bring the inner beauty of a ruby to full bloom

Inspired by the inner world

A photomicrography of the Mozambican ruby (3.10 c) reveals the inner beauty of the gem, reminding Gübelin Jewellery designers of the multi-faceted colours of a desert rose. This plant, native to Mozambique, blossoms in winter, when it displays a combination of red, pink and white hues.

Following this inspiration, the designers created the Blushing Beauty earrings, in which the two oval rubies (3.10 ct and 3.05 ct) emulate the red shades of the blossom. The curved, diamond-set chandelier element resembles delicate branches sprouting further blossoms. Six round rubies are surrounded by pear-shaped entourages. Much love of detail went into setting the entourages with both rubies and pink sapphires, creating an enthralling colour gradient, reminiscent of the delicate blush of the flower blossoming into red, pink and white.

Haute Joaillerie

Gübelin Jewellery perpetuates the tradition of haute joaillerie while imparting innovate highlights. A refined mechanism allows the chandelier element to be removed, lending Blushing Beauty two possibilities for the wearer: as elegant ruby ear studs or, more festively, as chandelier earrings.


Gübelin Points

The two oval rubies have been carefully selected to match perfectly. This is also demonstrated by their assessment in the Gübelin Gemstone Rating, which expresses the quality, rarity and salience of a coloured gem as a point value. Both rubies are assessed by well-versed gemstone experts. The 3.10-carat ruby was awarded 90.2 Gübelin Points while the 3.05-carat ruby received 87.8 Gübelin Points.

Gemmlogical competence

The Gübelin Gemstone Rating offers better orientation, increased trust and more opportunities to compare gemstones. In addition to the Gemstone Rating, which conveys the beauty and rarity of both rubies in a point system, Blushing Beauty is accompanied by two Gemmological Reports from the laboratory, which analyse the oval rubies and confirm their origins. Adding depth to the sober and scientific information that these contain, two other documents, the Gemmological Profiles, offer valuable background information along with fascinating insights as well as individual images of both Mozambican rubies. Customers can rely on this comprehensive gemmological competence.


Rubies were formed some 450 to 750 million years ago deep within the Earth in Mozambique, and are considered to be among the oldest of their kind in the world. But the first prime specimens only began to find their way onto the market nearly ten years ago. In this brief time, the nation of Mozambique has developed into one of the world’s major sources of rubies.

Multi-faceted competence

The Blushing Beauty chandelier earrings unite varied facets of the House of Gübelin, combining the superb artisanship, unique design and gemmological expertise. With the Gemstone Rating, Gübelin offers a new, innovative service to express the beauty of a coloured gem in a point-based system. This allows more comparability, creating increased trust and transparency.

Deeply Inspired

Experienced goldsmiths, jewel setters and polishers create the exquisite pieces based on Gübelin Jewellery’s unique aesthetic. It is part of the Deeply Inspired philosophy, which pervades the company at all levels and stands for the combination of knowledge and beauty. “As a member of the sixth generation of our family-owned company, I am very proud of the way in which we combine beauty, knowledge and artisanship,” says Raphael Gübelin, President of the House of Gübelin.


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