Argyle dips in production, while Diavik scores

Rio Tinto recordes a slowdown
Argyle dips in production, while Diavik scores

The Argyle mine has reported a decrease of 38% in its output, being the reason for Rio Tinto’s production to fall by 26% in the first half of 2007. Rio Tinto reported only 11.446 million carats production although its Diavik mine in Canada recorded its highest quarterly record of 21% increase of 1.975 million carats for the second quarter of 2007. Its overall half yearly growth was almost by 30% to 3.526 million carats.

The slow down in production from Argyle was accounted due to the mine nearing the end of its open-pit life and changes in it for underground operations. The Diavik mine delivered a high production owing to its strong throughput and higher grades. The Murowa mine in Zimbabwe also dipped in production by 65% to 36,000 carats.

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