Antwerp diamond industry says “Diamonds and Antwerp, it’s in our DnA”

Launches a new campaign
Antwerp diamond industry says “Diamonds and Antwerp, it’s in our DnA”

Today the Antwerp diamond industry launched a new campaign that aims to reinvigorate the city’s reputation as diamond capital of the world, both at home and abroad. “Diamonds and Antwerp, it’s in our DnA” celebrates more than five centuries in which the city has been synonymous with diamonds, highlighted by a festive diamond themed period, starting October 2017, organized by the City of Antwerp.

“Diamonds & Antwerp, it’s in our DnA” is the new slogan that encapsulates the story of Diamonds and Antwerp perfectly. Because the industry has been located in the city for over 550 years, and brings people from all over the world to the city of Antwerp, it is irrevocably part of the DnA of the city, just as the city is part of the DnA of the diamond industry. Antwerp owes its international allure to the diamond industry, just as the diamond industry can thank the city for its name and fame. “Diamonds & Antwerp, it’s in our DnA” campaign is a tribute to this unique bond.

Antwerp’s Mayor Bart De Wever and Antwerp World Diamond Centre CEO Ari Epstein inaugurated the new campaign. A big, lively ‘tableau vivant’ featuring 16 industry representatives will brighten up the diamond district these coming months. The portrait symbolizes the diamond community in all its diversity and uniqueness, and highlights 10 key values for which Antwerp is known throughout the international diamond community: The best trade centre in the world where sustainability, transparency, integrity and quality are the highest priorities, where craftsmanship is a passion, tradition and innovation come together and which is home to a diverse and active community that honors these values and traditions.

Margaux Donckier: “The diamond industry is inherent to the city of Antwerp and is one of the main reasons for tourists to visit Antwerp. No other city in the world accommodates such a trade centre, and this is what makes Antwerp’s diamond industry and city stand out. With this campaign and the upcoming Diamond Year, the city as well as the diamond industry wants to highlight this unique strength. “Diamonds & Antwerp, it’s in our DnA” is a campaign that all Antwerpians can support by signing the DnA charter and becoming an Ambassador of the city and her diamond industry.” The campaign will also be promoted internationally as of September this year.

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