Alrosa recovers a 136.24-carat diamond

The recovery took place from Nyurbinskaya pipe
Image Courtesy: Alrosa
Image Courtesy: Alrosa

PJSC ALROSA recovered a 136.24-carat diamond from Nyurbinskaya pipe. This diamond is one of the largest through the history of Nyurbinskaya pipe measuring 29.32 х 23.88 х 21.9 mm. The stone is characterised as to be a gem-quality rough diamond, which is 3 Black Makeable 1 Сolour.

Alrosa has not named the diamond as yet.

The diamond is a combination-form translucent colorless part of a crystal with columnar interlocking sculpture. It contains graphite and sulphide composition.

It is one of the largest rough diamonds recovered at Nyurba Mining and Processing Division, one of Alrosa’s youngest enterprises. Nyurbinsky open-pit mine was put into operation in 2001. In 2015, the pipe accounted for 13 percent of Alrosa Group’s rough diamond production.

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