Abaran and Forevermark organizes masterclass on diamond quality

Abaran helped its customers to know all about diamonds that they need to know
Abaran and Forevermark organizes masterclass on diamond quality

Abaran along with Forevermark , Bangalore organized a workshop to educate its customers on the basics of diamond trade and the importance of knowing them. It was first of its kind educational initiative in Bangalore and well attended by over 250 cherished customers. The session was handled by a leading expert in jewellery and diamond industry who explained the process of natural formation of diamonds under high temperature high pressure (HTHP) and outlined the geographical distribution of diamond mines in countries across the world.

A diamond is like the first edition of a celebrated book or like an exquisite wine that has aged with grace. It’s rare, authentic and magical withstanding the tests of time. For centuries this coveted piece of stone has been celebrated and given a special status. But the question is do we really know our diamonds, the ones we buy? What makes one diamond more valuable than the other? What is the most important factor to be kept in buying while buying a piece of diamond -- the cut, the color or clarity, the shape or carat?

 “Purchasing a diamond includes careful consideration and comparison between the 4C’s – Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. The sparkle of a diamond is decided by its cut (symmetry) while clarity refers to the flaws or doshams in diamonds that include external blemishes and internal inclusions resulting from other crystals or diamond fused within a diamond,” said Leena from Forevermark

 The audience got to inspect various diamond samples and understand the intricacies of a diamond’s nature. Diamonds exist in every imaginable colour including red, blue, pink, purple, orange and the price factor is determined by the intensity of the colour, its rarity and demand. Diamonds are cut in different shapes like round, emerald, marquise, oval, pearl and heart. The round cut diamonds are more popular and hence highly priced.

 Addressing the session, Pratap Kamath, MD, Abaran, said, “India is amongst the top 6 jewellery manufacturers of the world and Indian designs are respected throughout the globe.  Each State in India has its own jewellery making legacy and has the tradition of passing on skills and styles from generation to generation.  We at Abaran have eight stringent parameters that we follow to ensure all our diamonds are immaculate.”

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