ALROSA’s efforts to balance demand and supply

Mining leader offers additional supplies of rough diamonds, adjustable diamond trading schedules
ALROSA’s efforts to balance demand and supply

The first quarter of the year is traditionally a period of active rough diamond purchases, as cutters seek to stock up after a holiday season in retail. 2021 was the most successful season in history, as ALROSA saw a robust demand from customers underpinned by real orders.

The demand for rough diamonds in early 2022 as well as in the second half of 2021 was outstripping supply, as cutters were actively buying rough to restock and fulfil the orders placed by jewellers and retailers. To maintain a balanced market one needs to meet the real-backed demand, thus, ALROSA has offered its long-term customers a new option to adjust supply schedules between trading sessions. As a result, holders of long-term contracts can buy rough diamonds from their allocations ahead of the schedule by shifting booked volumes to an earlier date. Long-term contracts for a 3-year period with major jewellery holdings, cutters, traders, and consumers of industrial diamonds make up the core of ALROSA’s sales system and traditionally account for the largest part of the company’s turnover. Thus thus with a vision to foster long-term sustainable development of the diamond market ALROSA has provided adjustable diamond trading sessions.

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