A new line for the Damas Cut

The D’ cut diamonds will be embedded in 18k white gold
A new line for the Damas Cut

Jewellery company Damas has designed a collection in 18k white gold, exclusively dedicated to its Damas Cut diamonds. The collection contains the diamonds embedded in the white gold. The Damas cut is a property and sole ownership of Damas. It is recognised with its 77 facets, incorporating a blend of the qualities of Princess, Asscher and Radiant cuts.

Further, it is differentiated from the square-shaped diamonds on account of its symmetry and the angle of its facets, which allow maximum light reflection. Also a ‘d’ symbol is engraved on its girdle along with a serial number to verify authenticity.

Damas created the diamond brand in partnership with Kristall, a Russia-based leader in the diamond industry.

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