A Swarovski Gem Visions Special: Tiaras and Headbands

Well-known designers, valued customers presented their own design ideas for the Gem Visions Tiara & Headband Special, which was officially published at Baselworld 2015.
Classy Floral Orchid Tiara by Gunjan Jewels Pvt Ltd, India, Design by  Sayali Rupesh Shinde
Classy Floral Orchid Tiara by Gunjan Jewels Pvt Ltd, India, Design by Sayali Rupesh Shinde

Swarovski is dedicated to providing the fine and bridge jewellery industry with products and concepts that are sure to enhance creativity and the Gem Visions’ in-depth trend research service is an integral part of this commitment. Last year, Swarovski’s select panel of industry experts identified bridal jewellery as a burgeoning design topic. As a result of their findings, the team became intrigued by the art of making tiaras and headbands and the unique ‘playground’ these offer to designers passionate about working with stones. Parallel to the bridal movement, tiaras have also reappeared on the high-fashion stage; an arena that offers designers and brand names the potential for differentiation through outstanding statement pieces. Here Swarovski can also provide the high quality stones essential to the very best of product innovation.

The top notch jewellery company and designers that participated from India are as follows –

Surya Golds Pvt. Ltd., Titan Company Limited, Emerald Jewel Industry India Ltd., Diosa Jewels, Sangam Jewels N Gold, MAHI, Gunjan Jewels Pvt. Ltd., Swarnmandir Jewel Designer Pvt. Ltd. along with international companies and designers.

The Trend Themes Interpreting the tiara or headband, or rather reinventing it for the 21st century, presents a creative challenge to jewellery designers, who must approach this topic from radically different points of view. The first of these, ‘Daydream Princess’, is the very essence of all that is romantic, expressed through classic stone cuts. The colour palette ranges from traditional white and light cream to champagne and gold. However it does not exclude the occasional blush of pink or even deeper shades of red, the entire ensemble being set in white, yellow and pink gold. ‘Natural Affairs’ takes nature as the inspiration for its vibrant and earthy colours such as red, purple, green, yellow and brown. Here, floral motifs are completely on-trend and can be used to display a large variety of cuts. ‘Urban Minimalist’ sets metals firmly center stage. The pure chic of this theme is found in the simplicity of premium ingredients. These are presented in a monochrome colour palette best suited to graphic black-and white effects with occasional strong colour for dramatic effect. ‘Cultural Roots’, on the other hand, plants its design parameters deep within the heart of culture specific traditions. The time-honoured headpieces of ancient lands like India and Japan are newly envisaged exploiting to best effect the extensive palette of Swarovski Genuine Gemstones and Created Stones.

The Designers and Their Inspirations Swarovski had the pleasure of requesting well-known designers and valued customers to present their own design ideas for the Gem Visions Tiara & Headband Special, which was officially published at Baselworld 2015. The response was overwhelming, and an astonishing fifty or so highly creative and inspirational submissions have been included in the published book, each with its own special story to impart. One standout design, crafted by Sabine Roemer, the German-born, London-based designer, is a very light, contemporary tiara that sits elegantly yet snugly over the crown of the head, its white, pear-shaped and princess-cut Swarovski Genuine Topaz stones set in 925 silver. The major theme of the design is the reed, which symbolizes the lifetime commitment to the chosen partner and the immense love that is the basis of that decision.

In contrast, the concept of the ‘Twin Tiaras’ by Norwegian designer Vibeke Lyssand Leirvag of the Thai jewellery brand Felicia, explores a very personal and emotional landscape. Inspired by her twin daughters, the design language is dictated by her homeland, Norway, and by ‘rosemaling’, the ancient art of Norwegian decorative painting as mastered by her grandfather. Just like the twins, who are very different in character while still bonded by mutual love, these tiaras are identical in design but present radically different looks. Though both are crafted in 925 silver and adorned with Swarovski Genuine Topaz stones in three shades of red, one is plated with pure silver, the other with black rhodium. The strong contrast represents the yin and yang of the twins’ divergent characters.

The creations of both these designers share a high level of craftsmanship, imagination and inspiration, values that have been part of the Swarovski philosophy for 120 years. Together with the other featured designers in the Gem Visions Tiara & Headband Special, they have created beautiful works of art that prove that the compelling and timeless appeal of this most individual of jewellery pieces is continuing to go from strength to strength.

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