Mubri and GJEPC are back together in 2023

This year the collaboration will be expanded thanks to the results of 2022
                                     Mubri and GJEPC are back together in 2023

In early April Mubri once travels to India as part of the collaboration started in 2019 with GJEPC India. First, part of the delegation from countries in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East land in the city of Jaipur for the IGJS Jaipur 2023, which takes place from April 1st to 3rd at the JW Marriott Hotel, this is the second edition of the event and Mubri decided to repeat the collaboration due to the expressive number of business that took place between entrepreneurs from the International Association and members of the GJEPC India. The main objective of this mission is to make a healthy, safe and profitable business environment for both sides, which is fortunately happening.

Right after Jaipur, a new Mubri delegation arrives in the city of Surat for the first edition of the Lab-Grown Diamond Buyer Seller Meet, which takes place from the 5th to the 7th of April. Even though most of the nearly 3,500 Mubri associates work with natural diamonds, the President has noticed an increase in the search for lab-grown diamonds by her business members and that is why she decided to support the event in Surat. " As President I always need to understand the needs of my members, but as a businesswoman I see a new reality in the market. I have already mentioned on several occasions that natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds can co-exist, although my personal preference is for natural diamonds, it is not up to me to prevent business from taking place in this segment. My role is and will always be to create viable and interesting business environments for everyone", explains Ali Pastorini. 

The success of the collaboration is due to the freedom that Ms. Pastorini has to be able to talk and adjust the expectations of exhibitors and visitors, transforming the event into something more objective and with immediate results in terms of sales, but consistent in the long term since Mubri it helps in maintaining the relationship between buyer and seller, that is, the Association acts as a kind of interlocutor so that both sides continue to do business throughout the year and not just at the event.

This model has brought many advantages, including a strong interest in companies (sellers) to open branches in Latin America and countries in Europe that until then were not in their plans. Later this year, this collaboration should go to its third edition in the Middle East and its first edition in South America. "What I like about this collaboration between Mubri and GJEPC India, besides the freedom I have to help and apply new strategies, is that the Organization is concerned to create a business environment that is not just seasonal", says Ms Pastorni. 

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