“We want to be the trailblazers of technology,” David Block, CEO, Sarine

Sarine officially opens its diamond grading lab in Mumbai. The lab is set to redefine the retail industry and the consumer experience through its Sarine Profile Reports. The reports provide the world’s most accurate, reliable diamond grading information in an interactive digital display.
David Block, CEO, Sarine Technologies
David Block, CEO, Sarine Technologies

Sarine Technologies, on 10th July 2018, announced the official opening of its AI-based diamond lab at BKC in Mumbai. Sarine is leading the next technological era with the Sarine Technology Lab, the first ever technology-driven, automated, artificial intelligence (AI)-based diamond grading. Through Sarine Profile reports, the Sarine Labs provide the world’s most accurate, reliable diamond grading information in an interactive digital display that is redefining the retail industry and the consumer experience.

Sarine Technology has come a long way from being technology firm that supplied machines to diamond industry to being solutions provider that cover systems and services used across the diamond pipeline.

Talking about importance of AI, David Block, CEO, Sarine Technologies said, “We have to adapt to the changing technology. China Government is investing US$ 50 billion in AI. Looking at it, this move might seem strange as China is known for cheap labour then why such a big investment in technology. I would say they understand that this is the need of the hour, in order to continue to grow. Look at the diamond industry and how technology has helped the industry to evolve and develop. I would say technology would not replace jobs but it would create jobs to evolve. It would certainly create new opportunities. Technology changes how you do things; it doesn’t replace how you do things.”

For over a generation, Sarine has developed and supplied breakthrough technologies covering the entire diamond pipeline. Sarine products are used in leading diamond manufacturing plants, wholesalers’ offices and all main gem labs and jewellery retail stores.

Talking about the competition in the Indian market, David Block said “I think there is room for a lot of different players. We are not looking at taking over any market. Over time, I believe, even other labs would adopt latest and improved technology as it’s inevitable. But we want to be the trailblazers of technology.”

When asked about Sarine’s efforts against technology infringers, David Block said, “Sarine has zero tolerance towards illicit technology theft. Sarine is fully committed to prosecuting each and every attempt to illegally benefit from its intellectual property to the extent possible.”

Rajeshwari Mehta, VP-Business Development, Sarine India, Yoav Efrat, GM, Sarine India were also present at the opening ceremony. The ceremony was attended by a number of dignitaries from the diamond industry which included Mehul Shah, VP of BDB, Sanjay Kothari, Ex-GJEPC Chairman, Jignesh Mehta from Divine Solitaires, Shailen Mehta from eJohri.

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