‘Rs 10 lakh’ an exaggerated cost of Modiji’s suit, claims NRI diamantaire

Rameshkumar Virani, NRI diamantaire told ANI that what is being said about suit’s cost is not the correct amount.
‘Rs 10 lakh’ an exaggerated cost of Modiji’s suit, claims NRI diamantaire

India’s 65th Republic Day celebration became a talking point for more than one reason. The presence of President Barack Obama as the first American head of state to be invited as chief guest was certainly an important highlight. However, PM Narendra Modi’s monogrammed pin-stripe suit invited criticism from all sections of media and political parties.

The opposition parties claimed it to be ‘Rs 10 lakh suit’, which had each strip actually being Modi’s own name spelled out over and over. Though a lot of claims have been made in regards to the cost of the suit, the person who gifted the suit to Narendra Modi has different story to tell.

The person is none other than, Rameshkumar Bhikabhai Virani, NRI diamantaire, who had given the suit as a "surprise" gift on behalf of his son to Modi.

"I presented this suit to him (Prime Minister Modi) when I attended the recent Vibrant Gujarat Summit. I gave it while extending an invitation to him to attend my son's wedding on January 26," Virani told ANI. "I gave this gift to my elder brother (Prime Minister Modi) on behalf of my son. My son had this idea of making this monogrammed suit. He said he wanted to give a surprise to Modiji."

He further added that cost of the suit has been exaggerated in the media. "People can say anything. I can confirm that what is being said about its cost is not the correct amount. My son does not have the guts to spend that kind of money or that amount," he told ANI.

As per reports, Virani’s son Smit Virani was to get married on January 26, 2015. It was his son’s idea to gift a monogrammed suit to Modi. "While accepting the suit as a gift, he told me that he (Prime Minister Modi) was very busy for the next two to three days, but promised to wear it. But he also said that he will give the suit to charity," Rameshkumar told ANI. "The fact is that Modiji wore this on the day of my son's wedding on January 26. It was a blessing for us. There can be no price attached to this."

The suit is being auctioned by the Gujarat government and the auction is expected to be over by Friday. The proceedings are set to go to the Clean Ganga project.

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