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By: smartneil
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Every gemstone has been allotted a particular month. June is the Month of pearl Since ages these beautiful gems have served mankind as beauty-adding pieces in the form of pearl jewelry. Their fame reached heights during the Roman times when women were garlanded with pearls, usually beaded together as pearl necklaces. Pearls are the only live gems found on the surface of earth. They are hard rounded objects produced by oysters, when a natural microscopic substance or a grain of sand enters the oyster and settles on the shell and the oyster, irritated by the intruder, secretes the pearl substance called nacre to cover the irritant. Naturally occurring pearls are 100% nacre so pearls from oyster alone are considered to be True Pearls. Pearls, usually occurring in white with a creamy or pinkish tinge but may be tinted with yellow, green, blue, brown, purple and black, depict 8 basic shapes – round, semi-round, button, drop, pear, oval, baroque and circled. The various shapes o
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By: smartneil
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Among the natural gems only diamonds are harder than rubies. Rubies have a hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness and diamond has 10.0. The rubies contain impurities naturally. The impurities includes rutile needles known as “silk”. Gemologists use these needle inclusions found in natural rubies to distinguish them from synthetics, simulants, or substitutes Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, and Cambodia are the places where rubies are mined, but they have also been found in the U.S, in Montana, North Carolina and South Carolina. The Mogok Valley in Upper Myanmar has produced some of the finest rubies, but in recent years very few good rubies have been found there. http://www.b2cjewels.com/gemstonejewelry.aspx
Latest post: smartneil-04 Jul 2008 16:22 Replies: 0
By: smartneil
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The word jewelry is derived from the word jewel, which was derived from the Old French "jouel" somewhere around 13th century. It is also said that the word is derived from "Jew", as the Jews were important jewelry artisans of that time. Further tracing leads back to the Latin word "jocale", meaning plaything. Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of body ornament. Although in ancient times jewelry was created for practical uses such as wealth, storage, in recent times it has been used almost exclusively for decoration. In ancient times jewelry was made from natural materials, such as bone, animal teeth, shell, wood and carved stone. Jewelry was often made for people of high importance to show their status and, in many cases, they were buried with it.
Latest post: Thangamayil Jewellery-29 Mar 2016 11:45 Replies: 1
By: smartneil
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In countries like India, most children, maybe a boy or a girl, wear earrings in religious ceremony before they are about 5 years old. Even a child at the youngest stage of life may get their ears pierced as early as several days after their birth. In Islamic religion only the females can wear earrings. According to them if a male wears an earring or pierces his ear it represents "looking like women" act according to many Muslims traditions over history. Taking it from that point of view many Muslim cultures considered it Haram.
Latest post: macpual-27 May 2016 10:50 Replies: 2
By: Elite Expo Sdn Bhd
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Show Name: Malaysia Int’l Jewellery Fair 2009 Date: 13 – 16 March 2009 Opening Time: 1100 – 1900 Venue: Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) Kuala Lumpur Welcome Hairdressers, colorists & salon owners, nail technicians & salon owners, spa and slimming center therapists & owners, spa planners and facility managers of hotel, resort & spa, massage therapists, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, dermatologists & doctors, pharmacists & herbalists, packaging & product development designers, natural medicine practitioners, departmental stores & convenience stores owners, cosmetic shop & health stores owners, import shops & mail order companies, image consultants, make-up artists, industry associations, media/press, students from beauty professional schools, end-users to join us. For more details please contact: Contact Person: Ms. Shelly Ling Designation: Marketing Director Tel: +6.03.9058 8772 Fax: +6.03.9058 8773 Email: exhibition@elite.com.my Website:
Latest post: Elite Expo Sdn Bhd-12 Sep 2008 00:02 Replies: 0
By: Elite Expo Sdn Bhd
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There will be a jewellery fair held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia at 7th to 11th July. Looking for Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, importers / exporters, retailers, agent, royal families, general buyers to join us. For more details plaese contact: Contact Person: Ms. Shelly Ling Designation: Marketing Director Tel: +6.03.9058 8772 Fax: +6.03.9058 8773 Email: exhibition@elite.com.my Website: www.elite.com.my Thanks
Latest post: Elite Expo Sdn Bhd-12 Sep 2008 00:11 Replies: 0
By: smartneil
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If you wish a good deal on your pearls and want to be sure that you are buying quality pearls, you need to keep the following things in mind: 1) Quality: A good quality pearl will have majority of its surface completely smooth with no pits, cracks or dull spots. 2) Shine and Iridescence: The best quality pearls reflect light so strongly that they almost look metallic. This is referred to as "luster". 3) Size: Size is next in the priority of importance of factors determining the value of a pearl. Pearls range in size generally from about 2 mm to 20 mm. Pearls above 8 mm are considered large. 4) Shape: Pearls come in a variety of shapes. The most valuable shapes are round and near round. 5) Type: Pearls are classified according to their origins. There are 3 basic types of pearls: cultured saltwater pearls, cultured freshwater pearls and natural pearls.
Latest post: smartneil-16 Sep 2008 08:38 Replies: 0
By: smartneil
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No matter how strong platinum is, it will still requires proper care and handling for it to last for a long time. To clean platinum pieces, use a mild soap solution and warm water. Don't wear it while doing household work. Scrub it gently using a soft cloth or toothbrush to maintain its luster. Have it checked, polished and cleaned by a qualified jeweler at least twice a year or even more often if scratches appear.
Latest post: macpual-09 Jun 2016 11:36 Replies: 1
By: smartneil
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Costume jewelry is believed to be an undefined collection in the jewelry business. To determine costume jewelry values can be slightly attractive by just merely looking at it. For jewelers, it may be a simpler to decode how carat gold jewelry differs in value as compared to a diamond jewelry.
Latest post: zhzubair4-14 Mar 2012 19:59 Replies: 1
By: smartneil
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As far as wedding bands are concerned, you must be sharp in choosing the best variety matching your choice and desires. Before shopping for the wedding bands, it is really good if you have a prior idea about which variety you want! Classifications of wedding bands can be done as stylish or traditional wedding bands. So prior to purchasing a traditional or stylish wedding bands just ensure the choice of your fiancé.
Latest post: qqqmcqqq-24 Jul 2011 13:46 Replies: 1
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