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Vasantbhai Sanghavi Leaves for Heavenly Abode
Vasantlal Ravchandbhai, Chairman, Sanghavi Exports Intl. Pvt. Ltd. is now no more.
By: Diamond World News Service
May 16 2009 1:09PM
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Vasantlal Ravchandbhai, Chairman, Sanghavi Exports Intl. Pvt. Ltd. is now no more. 63 years old Vasantbhai died of a severe heart attack early in the morning of May 16, 2009 at his Mumbai residence.

Born on October 15, 1946, Vasantbhai Sanghavi is highly regarded for his distinguished efforts for the noteworthy progress of Sanghavi Exports from 15 to over 10,000 employees with the status of “DTC Sightholder.” Under his ablest leadership, the company has consistently progressed in innovation and is recognized as one of the most fully integrated firms across the entire sphere of the diamond and jewellery business. The company has been honored with countless awards around the world including seven top export awards in India.

Vasantbhai and his brother Chandrakant Sanghavi were to be honored with ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ during the JCK Show on May 30, 2009 at the Venetian Hotel by the The Indian Diamond & Colorstone Association (IDCA).

The entire diamond sector is shocked to learn the sad demise of this stalwart. Diamond World is deeply grieved by the untimely death of Vasantbhai. May the Lord rest the dear departed soul in peace.

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Pareh thaker
(Mumbai,kandivli (west))
I am never forget him.It’s a great honor to work for a Karma Yogi like him & for Jayeshbhai. he made so many good work in his life....he left the earth recently so god give him pece and rest to his soul.....khudake liye jo jiye woh jindagi hai aur dushro ke liye jiye woh bandagi hai....that was the jivanmatra of Vasantkaka.
Pareh thaker
(Mumbai,kandivli (west))
I am never forget him.It’s a great honor to work for a Karma Yogi like him & for Jayeshbhai. he made so many good work in his life....he left the earth recently so god give him pece and rest to his soul.....khudake liye jo jiye woh jindagi hai aur dushro ke liye jiye woh bandagi hai....that was the jivanmatra of Vasantkaka.
Parmatma will give peace of his soul. Afteall soul of vasantbhai is given by GOD. God will give ability to sustain to his family members for this critical time. God bless all...
Bhupendra Das
Respected Vasantbhai was A man of Vision, A man of Mission. A man with positive thinking, a man with creative working. He was the one of the great Teacher, the ultimate mentor, and a man with business encyclopedia. Who has passion for diamond and jewellery business with endless dedication and hard work. Although he is not within us physically today, But, He will always be present in our mind & heart as a passionate hardworking visionary and for his teachings with business ethics and as a great human being. We all are following his vision with passionate hard work. May his soul rest in eternal peace.
Pradeep Anandan
We from the Surat jewellery marketing department shall be missing truly a positive and dedicated gentleman with positive and a fruitful decision. His dedication and commitments for the up lifting of this empire has brought a lot of recognition and respect to us in this industry. We pray to God for his loving soul to rest in peace and enlighten his blessing upon us for further fulfilling his dreams and commitments. From, Hiren,Nainish,Ankit,Vishnukant,Apurva,Narendra,Ankur,Shakit,Palak,Ravi ,Amar,Divyang and Amee.
Pradeep Anandan
To all the Sanghavi family members, I am very sorry in responding to this page early as I was on a marketing trip to Southern India. It was shocking and shattering news got during my trip and accordingly it was the same when conveyed to all our leading business partners of South. They have all conveyed their respect and condolences to Mr. Vasant Bhai Sanghavi. My Wife, Son and self also take the liberty to express our sorrow, that a strong pillar and a soft soul have been lost from the Sanghavi family. Iam sure like me there might be more other families earning under this great man’s leadership and goodness who would be missing him. Therefore on behalf of all and we the 3 the Anandan family, pray to God for Vasant Bhai Sangavi‘s soul to rest in peace and give power and confidences to all his family members and his loved ones. Once again while praying to God to enlighten this great man in heavenly abode, lets all the Sanghavi staffs get together and woe to keep his dreams and co
(new york)
one rock solid shelter and living business encyclopedia, well wisher and well informed guide who you truly need to rely on and then forms habit in us to go to him for any and all help. all of those fond memories, fear of getting work done in your time limit, decisions before blink, energy level, belief of work as worship and still more humane than others and help all going out of way at all levels. business tycoon who does not come so often and we are fortunate to see you and work with you. my true salute and hearty wish to almighty to rest your departed loving soul in eternal PEACE.
Ekta, Maureen
A great person, right attitude towards work, always on his toes. His presence made the atmosphere at work very lively and he will be truly missed in the office by all of us. May his soul rest in peace.
a man full of positive energy a truely kind hearted person an extremely level headed and down to earth. vasantkaka z a unique one about whom we dont hav a specific definition.vasantkaka we will always mis you.ive never met him personally and i truely regret for that but i treat him as my dad.those people would be really lucky who had met kaka personally.my heartfelt condolence to his family may god rest his soul rest in peace.we luv u kaka..
"leaders makes leaders".... that saying is perfectly matched with Vasantkaka....he made more then 100 leaders in his life span...there are two type of people....one who lives for themself and one who live for others. Swami Vivekanand,Gandhiji,Mother Teresa like those type of people always care about others and made other people's life....our Vasantkaka is one of them....he actually lived for others...his entire life was dedicated to others....he made so many good work in his life....he left the earth recently so god give him pece and rest to his soul.....khudake liye jo jiye woh jindagi hai aur dushro ke liye jiye woh bandagi hai....that was the jivanmatra of Vasantkaka....today i feel i lost my father again.....enitre sanghavi family....
Vasantkaka was aninspiration for me as well as for entire Sanghavi Group. He was very energetic and quick-good decision maker and very hard working person.Its very hard to belive his sudden demise, We have to work hard and put our best performance to bring our company to higher level what vasantkaka always want...May god rest his soul in peace...
Prithvirajsingh, Deepak K
(Seepz, Andheri-E, Mumbai)
Respected Vasantbhai was a very noble soul. It’s a great honor to work for a Karma Yogi like him & for Jayeshbhai. He always took the position of a giver in his life & he gave everything wholeheartedly. I would like to dedicate this stanza for Vasantkaka Shaheb- Veero mein veer Mahavir, Bhukhe ko kelaye khir, nange ko pahnaye chir, sukhi nadi mein bahaye neer, wahi hai sacha veer, Jai Mahavir. He worked with the courage of a lion & at the same time his heart had the tenderness of a flower. His advises were always inspiring & had a sense of direction in them. Extremely level headed & down to earth, he never let materialistic pleasures like power, status, wealth or position affect him in any way. He was truly people’s person. He will be with us forever. This is our Vasantkaka, we will remember you always Sir & we know you will be shining like a big North star to show us the way.
Mahesh Naik
Vasantkaka left a lasting impression on anyone he met. I will always remember him for his spontaneity as I had the most amazing experiences with him when I first met him. A very astute businessmen with a golden heart…a rare combination to find. An amazing personality, with Vision and Foresight second to none. I pray to GOD to bless his soul, and help the Sanghavi Family through this most difficult period.
Luv Auti, Rajesh Iyer & Suresh Pansare
Sudden demise of Vasant Kaka has brought to an end to one more dynamic personality because of whose efforts Sanghavi Group got recognition world wide. It was due to his fore-vision & countless efforts that we have been able to reach this great heights & achieve various laurels & awards. May his soul rest in peace & may god give his family the strength to control themselves at this moment of grief.
samir sheth
Vasant kaka,as he was known to the industry was like a father to his whole company and also to the people who have known him,his character,positiveness and working strengths was such that it will be found one in a million people,the whole company is going to miss him a lot, may god give strength to the whole family and company to overcome this sudden demise of the father of the company and also give strenght to the family to carry out his vision and the high standards he has left for the company
Sanket Shah
Vasantkaka was an inspirational figure for all of us working with Sanghavi Exports.His attitude towards work will keep on inspiring us forever and ever.He will be missed. He will be cherished.I am really grateful for having the chance to interact with him,work for him.
He was not like a boss but father to us. He was very workalcholic and he taught to be punctual in work. He will be always in my heart.May his soul rest in peace. Suchitra Jariwala.- Mumbai
Kaka was a father figure to me; he was always a positive thinker and spontaneous decision maker. He played a big role in my life…..he was involved in all my major decision He has devoted all his time to his company and helping everyone who wanted his guidance He knew what he wanted in his life, his vision was very clear, he was very aggressive and a workaholic person. Kaka you will always be in my heart …. I am so lucky to have you as my uncle …..I will always miss you …. May your soul rest in peace
Nitin Kantilal Shah
(Seepz, Andheri East, Mumbai.)
I have been working with Sanghavi Group since last 18 years in mumbai and Shri Vasantbhai Sanghavi has been my source of inspiration right from the beginning. Vasantbhai Sanghavi was very fast in taking right decisions related to business developments, new projects and would make efforts to get the projects completed on time. Vasantbhai Sanghavi is not with us today but his presence is felt everywhere. We all miss him. May his Soul rest in peace. Vasantbhai Sanghavi, the Chairman of Sanghavi Group would consider all human beings as equal which is a very special quality. Inspirations and memories of Vasantbhai Sanghavi will be with us forever.
Sandeep Jalan
He is the inspiration to the whole sanghavi group. Shri Vasantbhai Sanghavi is a man who never says no to work and is man who is fully devoted for progress of the company. May his soul rest in peace
Vahishta K Panthaki
(contd...) throughout. I was truly blessed to have a boss like him to treat me as a part of his family. I know he must be bestowing his blessings on all of us. My only regret in life will be that I couldn’t meet him before his final departure from this world. May his hand always remain on us…
Vahishta K Panthaki
A man full of positive energy, A man who trusted people whole-heartedly, very generous by heart and always helpful to people who needed him. He was the man of high values and principles. His company's logo punch line says "Aura of Radiance", which actually represents Vasantkaka. His aura was so pure that his radiance was bound to spread to people who were associated to him. Vasantkaka as he always loved me calling him. We have worked like a family. I would have done anything for his business to flourish… from guiding him to even disagreeing with him when he was wrong (which he would later realize). His trust in me and my decisions, was the driving force for me to work more efficiently and religiously for him. His words would be like command for us. He always wanted to do more for his family. He loved his family the most. He wanted to earn more to make his family more content in future. Happiness for his family was his priority and that’s what made him be active in business through
Kaka will be missed by all of us but people who had a chance to meet him personally can never forget him.I am very lucky to meet a person like Vasant kaka.I have never met a perosn like him.I will badly miss him throughout my life.He always treated me like his daughter.He will always remain in my prayers and i pray the Almighty to take special care of dear kaka since he was very special to me. He was a true example of noble human who always liked to help others.He was like a father figure to all and we will surely miss his fatherly love and support. Miss you dear kaka............
Arman Badanyan
Great Man with good heart and positive ideas, his name will forever live with me. I am very happy that I had a chance to meet such kind of person in my life. He was a living man, his smile, his attitude towards people and his character are unforgettable, he was GREAT MAN. People who are dead but if they remembered by other people, it means that they are not dead they are living with us. Vasant Kaka will never be forgotten, people who had a chance to meet him personally hardly can forget him. My deepest condolence to his family. May his soul rest in peace.
Sanghavi Diamonds Team
(New york)
We never say GOOD-BYE Yet once again we stand at this junction Knowing our paths together have come to an end, Recalling all the old loving memories I know we need to say good bye at this bend. But before we part, let me tell you this Your sensitive leadership we will definitely miss, Your pat on our shoulders, your friendly smile Adjusting to be without all this, will take us a while. And know for sure, now we can deal with any sort, But the fact remains, you’re no longer our shield And alone we’ll have to fight in this battle-field. Our prayers are all we can assure you as of now But our team is incomplete without you somehow, All said and done, this is not a time to sigh We never say done and we never say good-Bye
People of his caliber and stature are rarely born, diamond industry has lost one of his pioneer, its a great loss to Sanghavi exports and whole sanghavi family
Aruna Gaitonde
The Indian Diamond Industry has lost a visionary! My Heartfelt condolences to Vasantbhai's family. May his soul rest in peace! - Aruna Gaitonde India Correspondent ADL International Magazine ( Antwerp)
Deepest condolences to his family and friends. Why are we always late in honouring peoples achievement??
Rahul Desai
May his soul rest in peace...
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