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CALGARO: Weaver of Colorful Gold & Silver Dreams
The first step of the journey was a challenge...
By: Pooja Agarwal
Feb 28 2007 12:00AM
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“The first step of the journey was a challenge... to create an ever-thinner chain. And then thinner still until we created a sheer strand which was durable, pliant and workable. Very light weight, but with all the visual characteristics of a precious material, succeeding in working gold and colored silver in a completely new way. It was at this point that we decided to take up this challenge... to give a body to an essence with radical new properties,” says Giuseppe Calgaro. And so the brand Calgaro was born, a revolutionary marriage between the worlds of jewellery and fabrics!

Founded at the turn of the new century by Giuseppe Calgaro and his wife Monica Fin, the Calgaro “de lux” project presented design concepts and technological innovations that stirred an incredible wave of enthusiasm within the staleness-ridden world of traditional jewellery. It did not take too long before the founders’ brilliant ideas, that coupled Giuseppe’s life-long experience in the goldsmith’s art and Monica’s expertise in textile, became a reality. It became Calgaro. The debut of the new brand was celebrated with the opening of its first showroom at Palazzo Thiene Bonin Longare, in September, 2003, in Vicenza, hometown of the company’s founders.

Accomplishing the Impossible!

Giuseppe’s father was a jewellery merchant and it was with him that he initially started working. Reminiscing, he says, “This was the beginning of my career in this industry. I grew up with jewellery around me.” Research, Innovation and inexplicable beauty are the authentic signature of Calgaro. Intrinsic values having in mind as a final stop “the accomplishment of impossible,” or in other words, transforming gold and silver into fine colorful braids and dazzling virtuosic fabrics. Innovative materials whose genius provokes the design imagination to soar ever higher, giving birth to new revolutionary concepts of wearing and possessing jewellery. A “subtle hinted lux”, thought as a very personal gift from Calgaro to the otherwise conventional aesthetics. Calgaro was soon bestowed with a series of international prizes.

Various Well - deserved Awards:

In 2002, Calgaro was presented with two Golden Virtuosi prizes: International Jewellery Design Awards given by the World Gold Council to promote gold jewellery. Begun as collaboration with two pioneering artists to create two unique pieces utilizing 18-kt threads. The first award was an Award of Excellence - Premio Bulgari given for the originality and superb execution of the special creation bearing the name of Kyoung-Sun Moon. The second Gold Virtuosi was awarded for the hand-knitted “Bustier” designed by Calgaro and Viola Erario. These were followed by the Gold category Couture Award in Design in 2004.

Unique Communication strategies:

Born in the busiest moment of today’s global economy, the Calgaro management has proved to be particularly efficient in conveying its brand message to the modern competitive market milieu. Advertising campaigns of a memorably strong visual and emotive impact have accompanied the company’s development since its very beginning, thus contributing to the company’s current hallmarked reputation. While the product offer and distribution have been moulded according to the needs of each single market, the communication statement of Calgaro has remained invariably unique and coherent. “Our advertising campaigns make the people stop and look. It says to them that the jewellery piece is as gorgeous as themselves,” explains Giuseppe Calgaro.

Enjoying a constant interest on the part of the media, Calgaro nowadays collaborates with a variety of renowned fashion magazines of leading domestic and international importance such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and W Jewelry as well as with prominent specialised publications like Mercedes Magazine, Departures - the magazine of the American Express Card Club, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts Magazine and many more.

Thanks to its laudable brand-building strategies and business performances on the contemporary luxury goods market, Calgaro has recently become also a frequent object of marketing surveys: the brand’s name increasingly appears in the study-reviews of respectable consultancy agencies such as PambiancoWeek (Strategie di Impresa) and media periodicals like MFFashion (Class Editori), MOOD (Ventisei Editrice - Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana) & Fashion Magazine Daily (Edizioni Ecomarket).

To complete the wide array of marketing and communication undertakings of Calgaro in recent years, it is equally important to mention the brand’s perennial interest in supporting various socio-cultural events and sports initiatives like The International Cinema & Music Fest of Ischia in 2004/ 2005, TV programs, fashion shows, as well as golf and horse-racing tournaments.

Brand - Building Strategies:

Ever since its registration as a trademark on the Italian market in 2000, the Calgaro company has firmly pursued clear brand-building commercial and distributive policies, characterized by a very selective retail approach, that soon helped placing the company’s innovative and increasingly requested products in the showcases of a number of top jewellery stores around the country.

Favourably influenced by the demands of modern market dynamics, Calgaro was soon invited to expand their market aspirations internationally, thus, opening in the following years a branch office in the USA and signing up a series of prestigious commercial agreements with leading trade-partners around the globe.

At present, the Calgaro exquisite collections of gold and silver jewellery have come to be an inseparable asset to the luxury goods assortment of such renowned retailers and jewellery chains as Rocca Calderoni in Milan, The Carat boutiques in Japan, Le Plus in Seoul, South Korea, Chow Sang Sang in Hong Kong and China, Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, Luxury Village in Moscow, Beauty Palace in the United Arab Emirates, Ultrafemme at Luxury Avenue in Mexico, and many more independent top jewellery stores all over Europe; Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Switzerland, Germany and Benelux.

Calgaro at VicenzaOro Winter-2007:

Calgaro evokes a definite feeling of new energy permeating Italian gold and jewellery products, arousing renewed attention in these excellent articles, also in the light of the fact that the Italian gold jewellery system has taken up the challenge represented by world markets. The creation of new collections has in fact highlighted and amplified the tangible values of the gold jewellery product (innovation, design, style) in parallel with investigation into consumer taste and interpretation of differing needs, leading to “made in Italy” being re-proposed as a reference area for improved distribution. Vicenzaoro Winter launched clear positive signals about that.

Everyday language now includes words such as “partnership”, “product-system” and “multi-brand”, which go to join the already tried and tested “innovation”, “quality” and “research”. This was seen in the products shown by the Calgaro Group at Vicenzaoro Winter. Innovative collections were presented at the Fair with styles and definitions in line with current trends in jewellery fashion, strengthening the blend of technology and fashion.

Italian jewellery manufacturers are conquering all design barriers, resulting in what surely will be a smashing season for jewels hailing from the land of la dolce vita. Calgaro is at the forefront, clearly. From the huge investments in research and design, beginning with the raw material, to the patents, including one for woven gold and silver, that attest to and set apart the work of the firm.

Sculptures To Be Worn:

“Necklaces made from woven gold and silver that are, in a certain sense, sculptures to be worn. Jewels born of an emotional journey that involve all the senses. Not only pleasing to the eye like traditional jewellery, but also to the skin, emotions and curiosity. Understand how a piece of rigid metal can become a slender thread, constantly shifting and changing,” says Giuseppe passionately. “During these years of work we have sought to innovate with forms. To inflame with the materials. To experiment with shapes. But above all we started to play with a world yet to be discovered and explored... remembering that in every single moment we delight in defying and disregarding the rules. And yet even today we are still moving in this direction. We don’t like to stay still. We are still working and daring to go beyond the boundaries.”

King of Colored Metal:

With more than 400 color shades in their palette, Calgaro can easily be called the ‘King of colored precious metal’. The colors on offer change seasonally and in accordance to the trends in fashion.

Revolution In Gold & Silver:

A pair of exquisite materials distinguishes Calgaro’s endeavour. Warm gold of the sun. Cold silver of ice. United by a challenge: to break out of the stereotypes of the traditional jewellery craft. The revolution takes place suspended from a slender, airy, ever-changing thread. Calgaro is a jewel. It is also a finishing touch, a detail. But above all, it is an idea, a plan, a brand. Luxurious ornaments that dictate Fashion.

Chameleonic Splendour:

The research on the precious braids goes on. Strictly borderline as always. Gold transforming into a chain. It acquires color. Reflecting the nuances of the rainbow which the bowels of the Earth exhale. Flames, lava and ashes… Blazing, white-hot heated, smouldering metals with a colorful soul. An earthy lymph spreading down the arms of Volcano, the golden chlorophyll of Nature, basking in chameleonic splendour. The Calgaro chains today offer unseen range of chromatic shades. Gold is yellow no longer. It is white as a gush of Moonlight. Red as magma streams. Dark as alive charcoals. Each of these shades hints the limits of extremes. Every finishing is thoroughly refined. The finest of the noble metals speaks a new language. Gold will never stop conquering the Man. The Era of Calgaro colored gold has just begun.

Silver Fantacy!

It is a marriage between technology and design where jewels even turn into fabric. Calgaro’s patented silver fabrics of bouncing knitted mesh and naughty colors are soft to the touch as any other fibre, but elastic and pliable as true metal. A delicate colored silver mesh, hosting tiny silver chains, forms fluffy precious clouds of chromatic elegance, completely new to the touch. A surprisingly innovative texture that sets free creativity and induces fantasy, myriad colored playful strands… Just easy… and trendy… Just CALGARO!

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Viviane Israel
I would like to know how I can buy your line wholesaleThank you
I am a buyer for a boutique shop in los angeles I will be in Italy in 2 weeks and would like to stop by and purchase for the store.
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